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10 Reasons You Should Invest in a New WordPress Website Design in 2022

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Presentation cards are out, and WordPress websites are in - and it's been this way for quite some time. Gone are the days in which a one-page WordPress website with only a contact page sufficed. Nowadays, having a site that speaks for your brand is as important as providing the best quality of goods and services. Your site is the first contact potential customers have with your company, and it needs to be pristine. Whenever someone is looking for the products or services you offer, they'll be heading to their preferred search engine to look into their options. A great, professionally-created WordPress website ensures that not only will they reach you specifically, but they'll also favor you in the face of your competition. With that in mind, below, you'll find the 10 best reasons for you to invest in a new WordPress website design in 2021!

1. You're Losing Out to Your Competitors

Here's the thing about good website design: if you're not investing in it, your competitor is. Even though you're offering the best quality, your product can easily get lost on the web, as others in your industry go the extra mile. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of branding now. Here's how a professionally designed WordPress website can help you boost your spot on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and every other search engine:

  • Enticing design
  • Great copy
  • Just the right use of images and features
  • Adaptability between screens

We'll talk a little further about these below!

Unmarketing Best Websign Design

2. The Current Site Isn't Generating Leads

As we said before, a WordPress website serves as your presentation card - a very detailed one, at that. It's your best opportunity to showcase what you're all about and get people interested in your specific offer. As a marketing tool, WordPress websites are all about initiating consumer interest in business' products or services - so if that's not happening, there's an issue with yours. A well-designed site will:

  • Attract the right kind of traffic every day
  • Answer everything potential customers want to know about your business
  • Make it easy for visitors to contact you for further information.
  • Convince visitors that you're the right guy for the job
  • Set you apart from competitors with the right approach

rainforest.arkivert Best Websign Design

3. You're Not Showing Your Full Potential

Good website design isn't just about making your pages attractive; it's about showcasing who you are as a business. Visitors may reach a well-placed site on search engines and find it distrustful because of the design. Here are some design issues that may damage visitors' perceptions of your business:

  • A layout that looks like it's from a decade ago
  • Outdated information
  • hard-to-navigate menus

While these things may seem silly, they can make a difference in whether a visitor engages with your site. Uninviting business WordPress websites generate distrust. Users might think about whether they should give their money to a company that isn't taking its online presence seriously.

aubergehandfield Best Websign Design

4. Your Site Doesn't Support All Screens

It's been a long time since people only looked at WordPress websites from their laptops and desktops. With increasingly powerful mobile technology, more and more users access the Internet from their phones and tablets. It's no longer enough to create sites to fit a computer screen: they have to work just as well for different-sized gadgets. If you don't have a responsive WordPress website right now, you're missing out on clients.

  • Around half of all Internet traffic right now happens on mobile devices.
  • Responsive sites run faster on all screens, large and small, touch and otherwise.
  • As they're easy to load on the go, responsive WordPres websites are shared more on social media, leading to more traffic.
  • While Google hasn't outright said that responsive WordPres websites are mandatory, it certainly helps with rankings.

abc Best Websign Design

5. You Need to Spice Up Your Content

We do not doubt that you're the best in your business. However, even the world's best companies can suffer from a lack of engagement with their public. A WordPress website can become stale very quickly if all it offers is information about the company. Having a blog is a great way to keep your content fresh!

  • Blogs help SEO by making you become an authority in your industry.
  • It's an excellent opportunity to add exciting tips and information for your customers.
  • Updating it often means your site is continuously ranking for new pages.

condenast Best Websign Design

6. Visitors Aren't Engaging with Your Current WordPress WordPres Website Design

One of the wonders of the Internet is that it has approached customers and brands more than ever. This can be a double-edged sword: connecting with users is great, but it's also an extra "burden." Communication is now a two-way street, and your site needs to reflect that.

  • Allow users to connect to their social media if they choose
  • Make it easy for visitors to share your content.
  • Encourage comments to receive feedback.

goodreads Best Websign Design

7. Branding Isn't Consistent

A WordPress website is a great tool to build your brand. It can help you set your look apart from others. However, if the branding isn't consistent across pages, it can create confusion. Worst of all, it can lead to visitors not having a clear idea of how to look for you. That isn't good if you're counting on returning visits to shop days after seeing your site. As a plus, consistent sites look far more business-like. A professionally made WordPress website design will follow a style guide, which will keep consistency in:

  • Page layout
  • Fonts
  • Colors

zendesk Best Websign Design

8. Text & Images Are Unbalanced

Do not forget on your WordPress website that images are great for content creation, as they can help users have a more thorough understanding of what you're offering. A great infographic will guide users through a specific process, for example. Accompanied by excellent copy, you've got yourself a winner. However, you can have too much of a good thing. Professionals have tried-and-true ways to serve you with balanced sites by offering:

  • Well-written copy
  • Relevant images that don't saturate your pages
  • Catchy content altogether
  • Purposeful elements, no clutter

theverge Best Websign Design

9. Lacking Simplicity

The best websites aren't just great to look at: they're also simple and streamlined. Being straightforward and concise is one of the keys to online success. You'll need:

  • The exact amount of information
  • No excessive sales pitches that can lead to exhaustion

tinker Best Websign Design

10. Swift Navigation Can Make Or Break You on Your WordPress Website.

Proper organization of a WordPress website is monumentally important. Quickly accessing pages can make the difference between staying at a site or leaving in a hurry. Professional WordPress web design is focused entirely on the end user's experience, so all you need to do is continue to provide the best products and services.

thecoandco Best Websign Design

In Conclusion

For many people, researching a brand online before actually buying from them is the norm. WordPress websites need to be engaging and connect with their specific target through great design, relevant content, and proper SEO practices. It would be best if you focused on doing your thing: providing the best products and services. Let us help you connect with the customers craving precisely what you're offering.

At Bright Vessel, we specialize in creating beautiful WordPress websites that rank highly on your potential customers' searches. You won't just get traffic: you'll get the kind of traffic that leads to sales. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you get the best website tailored to your specific needs!

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