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10 Rules for AB Testing

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When thinking about digital marketing, AB testing is one of the most useful tools to optimize your conversions. It is simple, effective and non-biased. As you might want to generate revenue for you, this should be your creative tool to achieve that.

AB testing will help you convert the exciting traffic into sales. But, to do that you should follow these 10 rules to know what your users prefer and how they consume your content.

10 Rules For Testing

  1. Take every opportunity you have to learn more about your clients´preferences. It will give you the opportunity of a one-to-one basis. Customers profiles are the best way to target them.
  2. It is a must to establish a current baseline to measure the conversion rate. Then it is possible that your future tests will be successful.
  3. AB testing should be performed on your unique content with your unique audience because CRO is not a repeatable process. You will get different results every time to do it.
  4. Go about one variable at a time to check which of them caused the most conversions. Besides, you might want to split traffic between the control group and the variable groups to keep it steady and unbiased. If you test one before the other, you will have added a new variable.
  • Remember: With AB testing, you test one variable. If you test two or three variables, you will not know what makes the difference in traffic increase.
  1. Decide the correct sample size. The accuracy of statistical results depends on sample size, percentage, and population size. If the sample size and population size are big enough, then we can expect high confidence level results.
  2. Practice a lot to gain experience when dealing with AB testing. Practice will bring perfection.
  3. Use usability testing.  You can find some low-cost and free services which offer usability testing such as Amazon Turk.

Amazon Turk gathers feedback through surveys

Amazon Turk gathers feedback through surveys in a short period. Artificial filters might perforate it.

  1. Gather as much data as possible about customers. Sometimes, data does not include some aspects whereas many things may have happened to generate that particular result.
  2. You have to set a goal to optimize your content around that goal. Keep in mind that CRO is all about conversions so everything else will be a performance indicator (KPI)
  3. To get significant changes, you have to concentrate on high impact tests.
  • One of the benefits of using CRO is that you can deliver the right content to the right audience and get people to click the right button at the right time. If you are able to understand your web analytics, you will know what weak areas you have and work on them to improve your conversions.

If you can manage some or most of these rules, you will definitely achieve what you expect regarding marketing.

Choosing the Right Creative

It is possible to find several creatives that you could test. Thus, the most significant ones are your email campaigns and your landing page(s). Why? Because they generally the largest prongs of your sales force.

Your email campaigns go straight to your customers, and your landing page is designed to attract customers to your business. Even though they work differently, when using AB testing you will see that they work much more effectively.

After deciding what creatives you will use, it is important you choose the right elements to test. All of them can be tweaked to turn traffic into customers.  Make sure you are running a good analytics program so you can easily go over your data and make decisions later. For instance, If it is an email newsletter, you might want to test the placement of your call to action button, or specific color schemes.

Creating an AB Button Color Test

Creating an AB Button Color Test

You will notice that creating an AB button color test is quite simple and, in some cases, the results turn to be surprising. What color should be used on a website has been a significant issue in the optimization field.  This is because there are certain trends in society that are based on colors.

Actually, the standard red and green are used to dominate web design, but recently, some developers are using colors such as light blue, orange and pink as well. It was found in some tests that purple increased conversion by 75%.

Which one is the best color is still a subject to be debated by many developers. So far, you can choose the most suitable color for you by testing several colors on the same page. According to the color you choose, it will have a different impact when it comes to the overall conversion of the page.

Standard Colors Representation

Green and red button

  • Green Color Button-The green color goes with terms like ‘natural’ and ‘environment,’ and with its wide use in traffic lights, it also suggests the idea of ‘Go.’
  • Red Color Button-Red is traditionally used to communicate excitement, warning, passion, blood, and the stoplight at traffic signals. On top of that, it is eye-catching. However, it is not as often used as the color green is.

It is believed that if there is a color that would let people click more on the webpage, then that color would be very significant for you.

AB Color Test Example:

Here, you will find some other colors and what they represent.  You should pay close attention and select the one/ones that suit your business better.

AB Button Color Test

Taking digital marketing seriously will make your business stand out. You have to dedicate some time to make a small decision such as webpage colors to get what you want from your business. Every detail is important. Use AB testing to improve your site and attract as many visitors as possible.

At Bright Vessel, we can assess and help you optimize your website by applying the AB testing. Contact us for more details. We are always willing to help you improve your digital marketing.

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