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2016: The User Interface Revolution Underway

Since companies are constantly striving to win market share, it is expected that in the next five years, the role of interface design will be considered more important. Remember that ease of use is the key when it comes to winning customers and their hearts.  Since there is so much competition in the consumer product industry, it won’t be wrong to assume that that there will be a surge of redesigning in the future. These designs will basically focus on usability, as there will be several breakthrough products in the future.

However, it is important for you to know that the new interfaces will not be uniform as the devices will simply not have common protocols. Users, in order to seek functionality, will have to learn the standard of technology, despite the improved usability of the products.

Converging Technologies, Diverging Experiences and Standards

The next five years are very crucial for global companies when it comes to putting forward their solutions and integrating their capabilities and UIs of their own product suites. We can expect to see more diversity in designs, as companies are working hard to improve their product with the help of new technological advances. In the next few years, the ease of use and differentiation will matter more than the common standard.

Remember that most of the convergence happens within the companies, no matter how much the technologies are combined and converged.  In the next few years, the technologies and products that are developed by different companies will not interact across platforms.  It is seen that there is a lack of common standards when it comes to new devices and processes, which is why it is necessary that people learn the product specific functions and commands.

In the next five years, the UIs will remain disconnected from each other. However, we can expect to see shared standards and protocols that will enable the users to transition seamlessly between the devices and appliances, which will allow a greater extent of transfer than what we experience currently. It is safe to say that in the coming years, UI designers will not be out of work, as the process for designing UIs will come from research that will be related to behavior.

Worldwide Vision for User Interface Design

In the next few years, the companies will look at market consumer technologies to cater to the fast growing populations of developing nations that have little exposure to technology. In order to get deep insight into the new areas of UI design, people will have to think by keeping the cultural, ethnographic, and lingual factors in mind. The new technologies will offer users the enjoyment of accessing features that are according to their culture.

A Seamless Future User Interfaces

New and improved UIs are a part of the transformation that is taking place in the world of technology. In the next five years, UX designers will create solutions that will join technology with usability.


With the evolution f UI designs, the consumers and businesses will experience growth.  As for the population in the rest of the world, leading consumer companies will seek to capture the market share. It is advised that the companies evaluate the culture that they are going to serve.