3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Online Presence

What is My Online Presence?

First, people may ask what an online presence is. It sounds simple enough to define. However, it can be quite complicated. When defining your online presence, you need to think of online being all channels that feed into to your brand. Where do all these to channels go? This one is simple, your website.

How Do I Start Building a Presence?

Consistency is probably the most important factors in building your online presence. Your consistency to develop content that differentiates your brand from your competition and reach potential customers/clients is without a doubt the most important thing to concentrate on.

3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Online Presence

  1. Build a content strategy and stick to it. If you have 10 services you offer, then build content about these service through education and awareness through content marketing.
  2. Create a solid platform to manage and control the information. Your website needs to be able to adhere to the fast pace and ever-changing channels for content. The biggest road block your can have is a poor functioning website that will not allow your share and distribute content easily.

    Online Presence Backend of WordPress

    Your website is where your content will originate from and be shared. Driving visitors back to your information should be one your main goals. You can do this by sharing your content instead of posting directly to Facebook or Twitter.

  3. Track and Measure. You need to track and measure your progress. Create KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to see what is working for you.

    Analytics for Online Presence

    Do not get discouraged if you do not find gold right away. You can install Google Analytics and define custom reporting to what you feel is important like goals for gathering leads, traffic, and engagement.