5 New Apps for 2015

The new apps to look out for in the social media industry. Here are 5 New Apps for 2015.

Twitter and Facebook have been the two main sources of social media for the last several years and lately other social media applications like snap chat, vine, Pinterest and even Instagram have taken the world by storm and anyone who is anyone has been using it for all kinds of reasons. Each of which provides their own unique experience and objection. With that being said there are hundreds and hundreds of apps that are in the process of being created on a daily basis and amongst these will be the next best apps for the social media industry. Below are the predicted top five apps for the year of 2015 and these are apps you are going to want to keep an eye out for and learn to love.


App 1 – Secret:

This app allows you to tell secrets to your friends without your friends knowing it is you and your friends can even reply to the secret with comments or secrets of their own. This app can also show you secrets posted by people nearby that are using the app as well.


App 2 – Kleek:

This app is an app that helps out another major social form, Kleek can connect to Facebook and you have the ability to choose who can see what and what they can see. You can limit all types of data even statuses and be assured that only one of your closest of friends can see certain things and more.


App 3 – Wanelo:

This is a social app created around shopping and it shows a ton of different products from well-known brands to even people selling them on independent websites like Etsy. You can see what other people like in this app and you can add items to a list of items that you want.


App 4 – Yik Yak:

This app is like secret but it allows you to share what you are thinking with other people who have the app and are near you. The posts at the top of the feed are voted as the most popular ones by other people and you can change the location to anywhere you want and see what they are talking about in different places.


App 5 – Shots:

This social media app is just like snap chat, it is designed for smart phones and you take pictures with the front facing camera and it gets shared with all other users for Shots. You cannot comment on the photos so it is nothing but selfie after selfie but you can talk to some friends in a private chat option. Justin Bieber is heavily involved in the creation of this app and some more because he helped fund the startup of it all back in the year of 2012.