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5 Website Design Tips for Local Businesses in Jupiter, Florida

As a quaint small town, Jupiter, Florida requires a special set of marketing practices. Local businesses are starting to evolve away from traditional website design and marketing. As a result, most local shops are beginning to see growing pains when competing with new aggressive competitors who are dominating online marketing and advertising.
Lead and Sales generation is always shifting. Search Engine Marketing is no longer your main go-to channel to market. To have an effective digital marketing strategy, you need to be attracting leads in every channel. If you’re not doing so, then you’re not doing it well.
So what should your new websites design or refreshed version of your old website have? Here are the five must-haves that make a good website great.

1. Above All, See All

First of all, do you know what your website is doing for you?
If you don’t, you could be losing important leads and all the information you could gather.
If that’s the case, the first step in making your site into a tool for your business is to gather the right analytics and information. Digital Marketing has taken over simply because of the level of information available to the users who are coming to your site. You can know virtually everything about the aggregated group of users visiting your website. From their gender to their age, all of this information is available by simply integrating Google Analytics. This tool is simple to install, and best of all free to use.

Beyond the installation, there are two key items that you need to set up. The first is enabling demographics in Google Analytics. The second is adding a Google Goal to track your conversion and the path that users take to convert. You can do this by directing a user to a thank you page after filling out a form; setting the path and goal in Google Analytics. See more how to accomplish this here: setting up a Google Goal..

2. An Important Call to Action Readily Available

Website Design Jupiter - Call to Action
Why do you have a website? The answer is

  1. To attract customers and viewers, and
B) To convert these visitors into clients.

To do the later, you need to have visible calls to action available on each and every page of your website. A call to action is an element as simple as a button, something to guide the user into taking an action. Your content may be engaging, and it may lure the visitor into becoming a customer, but if it is void of any proper call to action, this transition will fall short. Make phone numbers, email addresses, and links to “Order Now” pages available at all points, and clearly differentiated.

Website Design Jupiter - Example of lead form in window.
You can either send the visitor to a form within a lead generation page, or you can have a modal window come up with the form. The later allows the user to convert faster; and in most cases show a higher conversion.

3. A Clear Homepage that Appeases all Buying Personas

At Bright Vessel, we pride ourselves in our approach to building your website. We take the time to understand your company and your clients so that every buying persona can find content that resonates with their needs on your homepage. Most web development companies in Jupiter, Florida do not take the time with their clients to understand this need. In the end, we are digital marketers who build really good websites. Our marketer’s mindset allows to design better websites. Below is an example of a Use Case study that we have done for a securities law firm.

By doing this study, we have changed the direction of their current website to not only produce the right creative but also outline the right message for optimal conversion.
Website Design Navigation Template

4. Easy and Simple Navigation of the Website

Which road will your visitor take? There isn’t a single answer. We are all individuals, some users prefer to read a little then click on a link while others will go straight for images and click on those. The information on your site needs to be accessible by all the buying personas. Showcasing information in multiple areas allows for the needs of different personas to be met on the same page. Giving multiple ways for visitors to find the same information and convert them from different paths helps you get the best out of your website.
The easier it is for them to understand where they want to go, the greater the chance that their interest will stay. The easier the navigation of your website is the better the chance that one of your visitors will become a customer.

5. Content Marketing…It means SEO.

SEO has become a buzz word. It will soon synergize with new paradigm shifts and revolutionize the way that high-end CEOs will communicate their new launch platforms. Search Engine Optimization now encompasses everything that you can do to improve your search engine rankings. In today’s world, that means Content Marketing.

Search engines are getting smarter every day. Their goal is simple, to provide their users with the best content available to quickly answers their needs. That means you need to have meaningful information in your site; and that’s good content that makes you the authority on the topic. A good website for a local business is one that interacts with its audience and creates loyalty. But more importantly, it should keep the reader’s attention and interest. That will keep them coming back for more and more each time.

One of our favorite blogs we work on is Molle Bridal’s. They are a bridal shop, located at Downtown at the Gardens.

Website Design - Example SEO-Content Marketing Articles

To create long-term engagement with your customers, you have to think of their needs as well. Move past simply repeating the answer to the question: “Why buy from us”. Think about the long-term benefits, and load your website with fresh, steadily updated SEO content to increase your search engine rankings and enhance consumer loyalty. Engaging with your audience in a meaningful way can help shift the conversation from “why you should buy from us” to “how can I tell more people about you”


The key to a good website is understanding your customer. If you can do that first, the design, voice, and imagery will come easy. And it will make your business much more marketable online. If you are ready to get started, Bright Vessel is here to help, get in touch with us.