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WordPress Site Management Best Practices

Once you’ve gotten the hang of your WordPress site, you don’t just get to sit back and do nothing. It may be tempting just to relax and let it all come to you, but there are some upkeep and management work to be done to keep it running smoothly, not to mention uptodate and relevant. […]


Understanding WooCommerce Subscription Processing

WooCommerce Subscriptions is a valueadded extension to your WordPress website, and you can use it to process subscriptions or recurring payments, which are one of the best ways to increase revenue and cash flow for your site. Customers must register and create an account to activate a subscription. Once a user is registered, he or […]


What Makes a Good Ecommerce Header Design

The header can be argued that it is one the most important parts of a website. However, most sites do not take advantage of it. In this post, we will review what makes a good Ecommerce header design by identifying the elements most commonly added and which ones might matter the most when thinking about conversion. Before […]


Best WooCommerce Plugins for Marketing Automation

Now that you have WooCommerce installed and running on your WordPress website, you’ll want to get as many people to your site as you can. Marketing is a powerful tool, and automated marketing is even more efficient as you can have programs do the most tedious parts of the job. Some plugins that you may […]


Multiplying Your WooCommerce Site Conversions

While nearly every ecommerce marketer believes that traffic to a WooCommerce site is the holy grail, it takes more than site views to be productive and profitable. The truth is that you could likely do very well with the traffic that you already have, *if* you were able to convert browsers to buyers. You probably […]


21 Tips for WooCommerce Website Design

The way you layout your WooCommerce website design will help you convert customers. You should take into consideration that people buy and shop in different ways on your site. You have very little time to convince visitors why they should trust and buy from your brand. In this post, we will give suggestion on how […]


WooCommerce Best Practices for Web Development

If you are running an ecommerce website, then you might have a perfect opportunity to see serious financial opportunities. However, you must be diligent and utilize the best resources possible. Otherwise, your website is bound to get lost in the shuffle of countless other similar sites. Whether you’re just now designing a website or have […]


Influences Your Customers’ Purchasing Decisions

How Your Digital Marketing Influences Your CustomersPurchasing Decisions The best way to represent your brand in a way that can be easily recognized and relatable is through digital marketing for businesses. By engaging customers and curious investors through personal social media platforms, you can better showcase your business along with the products or services […]


Picking a Payment Processor for Your WooCommerce Store

  Now that you’ve got your WordPress site set up and WooCommerce installed so that you can collect payments, you will need to select a processor for these electronic payments. Any payment processor or gateway will require you to set up an account, and all will charge fees. The payment companies establish these charges, not […]


How to Improve Your Content Marketing in 2017

By now, content marketing is an established part of building your online presence. If you want to build on your current content strategy for 2017 or if you are new to publishing content, then this post will give you some crucial content marketing tips for how to tap into this marketing strategy. The theme will […]