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Our Guide to Omnichannel Retail & The Reasoning Behind Shopping

There are plenty of factors behind every single purchase: age, gender, social status, employment, etc. In this post, we’ll focus mostly on consumers of four different generations: Baby Boomers, X-Gen, Millennials, and Z-Gen. The essential thing to note, however, is that all evidence points to the same: omnichannel retail is the way to go. And currently, […]

Google My Business FAQ: 5 Burning Questions, Answered

Google My Business has been around for quite some time, helping users find information about businesses they’re interested in. You can definitely take control of what’s going on your own Google My Business. Wondering how to work with this powerful tool? Our Google My Business FAQ will answer your questions! Google My Business listings are […]

eCommerce Customer Journey Map: How to Create Top Customer Experiences

Mapping eCommerce Customer Journey: The Bright Vessel Guide to Perfect Customer Experiences Throughout two decades, the Internet has reached every side of our lives. And perhaps the most significant change has been in retail, which has had to adjust immensely. Now, each retailer is competing with the entire world’s worth of the same offering. It’s […]

New to eCommerce? These 6 Tips Will Make Your Brand Look Trustworthy!

There’s a seemingly endless amount of eCommerce websites out there, and the number grows every minute. While many are great entrepreneurial efforts by small and medium brands, many others are scams. Potential customers often choose a larger and more impersonal vendor, such as Amazon, only because they know they can trust the company. So, how […]

7 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Interesting and Engaging

As a brand, you’re making an extra effort in creating great content for your website’s blog. You’re adding relevant and interesting posts, and maybe you’ve even hired a professional writer. However, your great new content seems to go unnoticed. There are always little improvements you can make for a better read! For well over a […]