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Summary of 10 Things You May Not Know WooCommerce Can Do

While WooCommerce is excellent for adding an online store to your WordPress, you may not realize that, as a plugin, it is versatile and is available for several other uses. Like WordPress, WooCommerce has multiple forms it can take, giving options for selling and methods of payment. What is it about WooCommerce that makes it […]

Google Drive Desktop App to Shut Down in 2018

In March 2018, Google will unveil yet another change that has been in progress since mid-2017. The Google Drive app for PC and Mac is being retired, to be replaced with two relatively new tools. For consistent users of Google Drive, there is no need to fear; the actual service of Google Drive isn’t being […]

Easy Tips for Promoting a Small Business Website

Even if your small business is thriving, there is always room for growth. Promotion doesn’t happen automatically, and while it isn’t the first priority on your to-do list, it should still be in the top five. After all, word of your business has to get out somehow; why not strategize and plan for it to […]

How to Fix Your Low-Quality Pages

Low-quality pages are those on your site that don’t increase your SEO ranking or even do much for your site visitors. While you may not think any of your pages fall into the low-quality category, they may be there without you realizing it. There are a few different kinds of low-quality pages to look for […]

8 Tips for Creating a Successful Online Presence

If you work in a company and you are part of a team that develops projects and ideas, it’s likely that you have to prepare presentations quite often. In today’s world, however, so many things are done virtually that you often need to establish your online presence first and foremost. Whether you’re developing a face-to-face […]

Search Ranking Algorithm Updates Confirmed 2018

During 2017 there were a lot of speculations about Google updates regarding their algorithm. It seems that at the end of the year, predictions became a reality, Google confirmed the upgrading that shifted rankings in the SERPs. A Google representative stated, “We released several minor improvements during this timeframe, part of our regular and routine […]

Five Ecommerce Resolutions for a Successful New Year – 2018

While some of us were glad to see 2017 kick the bucket, Ecommerce experienced a banner year, the industry growing and thriving on the fat of the virtual land. More and more consumers became converts, which can only bode well for Ecommerce in 2018 and beyond. So now that we’re into 2018 a bit, it’s […]

Customer Journey Map 2018

Download a Printable PDF Here In an interview with Google’s, Matt Lawson, and global marketing practice lead, Laura Beaudin at Bain & Company, made it definitive that brands still don’t get it. During the conversation, Beaudin cited Bain’s research, which found that only 13% of direct media budgets are directed toward mobile advertising. A lot what’s used […]

Vital Website Pre-launch Checklist

If you’re launching a clothing line, you wouldn’t bring items out prior to running them through QC, right? And you probably wouldn’t serve a new food item at a restaurant without taste-testing it. By the same token, when you’re getting ready to launch a new website, there are things you’ll need to triple check and […]

Digital Marketing Map 2018

We Love Using a Digital Marketing Map with Clients We get asked all the time this question “Where should we focus the most on with our budget?”. Our follow up starts with “Have you mapped out your customer journey or experience?”. See our Customer Journey Map here. To find the best channels, you need first to understand […]