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Is Shareasale a Scam or Not?

If you’re looking to make the best out of your website and become profitable, affiliate marketing has been on your mind. With a myriad of available platforms, you’ve probably thought about the “safer” choice: one of the bigger companies. And if you’re here, it’s because you’ve probably given more than a little serious thought to […]

What Is International SEO?

What Does International SEO Mean? International SEO is a practice or, more precisely, a process. It means optimizing your site in a way that makes it easier for you to expand to international markets. This optimization will allow you to quickly identify which countries you want to target, as well as what languages should you […]

What is Causing The Increase In Brand CPC?

This year, there has been a rather alarming trend happening in the world of branding – brand CPCs have been rising steadily, despite the strong quality score that a brand has for their terms. It’s always understandable if generic CPCs rise, as these are common across more than one industry. Brand CPCs, however, are generally […]

This Is How Google Will Collapse

Since its entry in 1998, Google has been a massive driving force in the world of technology. The thing is, Google has almost made all its money from ads, in a world where consumers hate ads! It has meant that Google’s main business model isn’t particularly friendly to innovation and that Google has missed a […]

5 Essential Steps to Take Before Your First Ecommerce Sale

You’re an ambitious entrepreneur with a great product. You’ve conducted your market research and identified a gap in your chosen market. You know that there’s quantifiable interest in what you have to offer, and you know that e-commerce is the best way to deliver your products to the masses. This is the 21st century after […]

Facebook and Political Transparency

Facebook has begun enforcing new political labeling rules for advertising. The rules are intended to help users determine which ads have political intentions. It appears that Facebook has penalized some companies for not meeting the new requirements, though the protocols seem to be broadly enforced, causing non-political ads to get caught in the advertising filter […]

Contemplating the Structure of Your WordPress Website

In this digital age, it’s become increasingly important to have an online presence. You also have to be able to distinguish yourself from everybody else by showing off your own brand’s unique personality and engaging your audience with interesting content. How do you accomplish all that? One great way that can help is creating your […]

The Best Shopping Search Engines To Boost Ecommerce Sales

A successful e-commerce business relies on being able to consistently lead consumers to your market and convert them, as well as capitalizing on seasonal surges and shopping trends. It requires a good deal of insight, but not just on the market and the consumers. It requires a little insight into how online shopping funnels are […]

How to Unlock the Power of WooCommerce on Mobile

Mobile phones are increasingly gaining popularity across the world because they are readily available and they are coming with features that are more reliable. Nowadays, people are using mobile devices for almost everything. It is no wonder that you can choose to use your mobile device instead of a laptop or desktop computer to accomplish […]