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Projected Marketing Changes for 2019

Planning for the future is more than just a smart decision when it comes to digital marketing. Predictive analysis can be the difference between finding success with digital marketing campaigns and losing revenue. These projected marketing changes for 2019 allows your business to be ahead of the curve, or rather, ahead of your competition. Our […]

Guide To Image Sizes And Selection On Your Social Media Pages

Social media graphics are a vital element in any social media marketing plan. Selecting and strategically scheduling the images can be a real headache for business owners, social media managers, and marketers. What should be a relatively quick and easy task can often evolve into hours spent browsing through hundreds of photo libraries and dissecting […]

Should I Add a Blog to My WooCommerce Store?

WooCommerce e-commerce stores and content marketing are far from separate entities. They both rely on each-other to drive site traffic, establish authority, trust, and generate sales. Blogging is an easy way to maintain the ups and downs of SEO. A great product without great content to back it up will never sell as well as […]

Optimal Performance Within an HTTP/2 Global Society

There’s a change happening in the underlying realm of the world wide web. HTTP, the online protocol that your PC browser utilizes to access the world wide web, is introducing the globe to a new version: HTTP/2(Hypertext Transfer Protocol 2.0). This knowledge is crucial for website owners and developers that would like to gain some […]

How to Maintain a WordPress Website

Having a website today is much more complex than it used to be, especially if it is your marketing tool for business, reason why you need to update the platform frequently. When using a WordPress website, you would have to keep the information updated so new content and images should be currently posted. As regards […]

Changes in SEO and Google To Expect This 2018

As the New Year is going on in full swing, it’s important for one to know what to expect from the SEO industry this year. One should also be aware of the changes that can happen to search engines like Google. The past has brought by great feedback and the need for the search engine […]

How to Use Yoast SEO to Write an Awesome Meta Description

We all want Google to rank our websites above our competitors’. The most effective way to make sure that happens is to write an attention-grabbing meta description. While you can spend hours trying to piece the right words together, there are other options that will make writing your next meta description easier than you ever […]

10 Key Digital Marketing Questions to Ask in 2018

The year 2018 have just started, and it looks it will be an exciting one! It is projected to be a busy year in connection with the marketing and new trends which are considered revolutionary. Here you will find a list of 10 crucial marketing questions that will help you determine whether you are in […]