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The Best WooCommerce Plugins
The Best WooCommerce Plugins
The Best WooCommerce Plugins

Best WooCommerce Firm - 6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Development Firm

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If you are looking for the best WooCommerce firm or development agency, there are many factors which you should consider before hiring a team to help you with your online store. Building out a WooCommerce storefront is a significant investment which if not done correctly can cause many issues and sometimes require a rebuild making your investment a total loss.

Here are six burning questions which your WooCommerce firm should answer before hiring a firm to help you with your WooCommerce store:

The Best WooCommerce Management Firm

1. Does the WooCommerce have a maintenance plan they offer to clients?

This question is a good one because more prominent firms do not want to waste time on small jobs. However, the little jobs are usually what store owners have after a site has been launched. Plugin updates, debugging code, minor fixes to design, or changes take minimal time but leave store owners frustrated because the WooCommerce developers they found to build their store do not want to maintain it or help with small updates.

Recommended services to look for:

The Best WooCommerce Digital Marketing Firm

2. Does the WooCommerce firm have online marketing experience?

You do not want to get stuck with a disgruntled developer with no personality who works in a silo and does not want to understand how your business works and sees just the code. Unfortunately, there is a lot of this going around, so it is essential to find a team of diverse individuals who all have something to bring to the table to support your business. Relying on just one guy is never a good thing.

Recommended services after the launch of your website:

The Best WooCommerce Plugins

3. Does the WooCommerce firm own developer licensing for the plugins they recommend?

So you hire a WooCommerce firm which you provide all the requirements only to find after you pay the deposit your being asked to pay an extra expense to buy five plugins which cost over $500 and the renewals each year updated code. Make sure when you get a quote the cost for any third-party code is added and the firm has developer licensing for renewals.

Recommended tools:

    One of our favorite tool suites is YITH because they offer a monthly subscription to their entire suite for developers. There are many enhancements for coupons, specialized product configurations, upselling, role-based pricing, and more.

The Best WooCommerce SEO Plans

4. Will the WooCommerce firm do on-page SEO before launch?

On-page SEO should be standard. However, most of the time website developers either do not understand the intricacies of SEO or care to perform any of these tasks. Each page should have relevant metadata, and the sitemap submitted to all major search engines.

Recommended tools:

    Yoast is, without a doubt, the most robust suite for SEO on-page optimization. The free version gives all the tools needed to get your website in the right place for SEO.
  • SEO Grader
    Once the site is launched. You will want to do an SEO audit. Try out our free SEO grader to get a quick audit of your website.

The Best WooCommerce Reporting Tools

5. Will proper reporting be installed and configured for the website?

The best part about selling online is the data so you can understand all of your marketing channels and the visitors who come to your site. Google Analytics is a robust and free reporting tool which can give you plenty of insights, so your digital marketing is on point. However, getting all your e-commerce data reporting can be difficult if done manually.

Recommended tools:

Monster Insights is an outstanding tool which can easily integrate your websites sales into Google Analytics. There are also additional tools to track the user’s every step, form tracking, popular post tracking, and more.

Best Woocommerce Firm - Certified Experts

6. Is the firm WooCommerce certified?

Finding a firm that works exclusively and is specialized in WooCommerce will save you a lot of pain and headaches. Fortunately, WooCommerce has a vetting process and has selected some of the best firms around the world to support its platform correctly. We are proud to say Bright Vessel is WooCommerce Certified Expert.

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