Bright Vessel is Helping Crocodile Tears Stand Out at AAO Expo

Bring Your Brand to Life through Digital Art

Tradeshows are an awesome way to promote your business and show off what your business can do. At a tradeshow, you can expect to network with new people, business owners, and prospective customers. A tradeshow is your chance to impress everyone around you and brand yourself. When attending a tradeshow event, companies bring everything they have, and you often see beautiful displays, large shows, and digital media. Now is the time for you to impress and to bring your work to life through digital art is one way to do so.

Upcoming AAO Expo

The AAO in Chicago is coming up October 18, 2014, through October 21, 2014. The tradeshow is designed to represent the American Academy of Ophthalmology, where seeing is believing. This event is a great chance to learn more about well-known ophthalmologists, new technology, new procedures, and engage your eyes in amazing digital media and displays.

Meet Croccy with Crocodile Tears

The turnout for the event is projected to be large, and you can look forward to seeing a booth promoting Crocodile Tears at the event. This booth will be the talk of the town as guests and attendees can visit Croccy, which is a two-dimensional character for the business.

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During your meet and greet with Croccy, you will learn more about Crocodile Tears and how they can help you. Bright Vessel, a digital display agency, is responsible for bringing Croccy to life through digital art and simulation. Croccy is a wonderful two-dimensional film that stimulates your vision and shows you just how amazing your eyes can be.

About Bright Vessel

Bright Vessel has over 47 years of experience providing digital media and art to its clients. Bright Vessel believes in providing clients with beautiful works of art to brand and display their business. Some of their notable clients include George Foreman, The Retina Institute of Florida, and Liberty Power.

Using Digital Arts to Display Your Brand

It is important for businesses to stand out when they attend tradeshows such as the one at AAO in Chicago. A digital agency can help you bring your product to life and give attendees something to look at and visualize.

Meet Croccy in March 2015

If you cannot meet Crocodile Tears at the AAO expo in Chicago, you will have another opportunity to meet Crocodile Tears and Croccy at ExpoWest. This expo takes place at the beginning of March in 2015.