Three business people working on a digital marketing strategy

Build an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

The need for companies to become successful has become more and more important as the digital market continues to expand. What remains the most significant obstacle in terms of succeeding in today’s digital market is a lack of effective marketing strategies, according to a published report by Ascend2. This report further indicates that upwards of 51% of marketers report that issues with strategies caused them to miss their goals for digital marketing. Additional obstacles include lack of experience or training, budgeting issues or constraints, ineffective analytics and metrics, and their inability to successfully prove their ROI (return on investment).

In order to get ahead of the competition, it is essential to effectively plan a digital marketing strategy. For a business to thrive in today’s economy, it must be organized and have the ability to adapt well to the changes in digital media. From tablets, to social media to smartphones, the tools available in digital media make the possibility for consumers to interact globally. Therefore, no matter how large or small your business is, you must leverage how your consumers engage and interact.

It is not uncommon for businesses to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of digital marketing choices available. The end result is they often do not know where to begin. One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is attempting to do them all, especially small business owners. Between Facebook, YouTube and the many other choices, it can become too overwhelming. What’s worse, some companies attempt to set up a social media team to handle each one of these digital tools. With the right tools in place to help expand your company and your marketing efforts, you can save money and time.

However, without the correct strategy, you are only wasting resources. They key is to start by creating an understanding of your clientele, knowing for sure which goals you wish to achieve, and then selecting a strategy for digital marketing that will help you reach your customers and your goals. You have to be specific with your questions. Are you trying to reach your customer platform? Are you trying to gain insight from your customers? Do you have a new service or product you want to launch? Are you tracking every aspect of the campaign? Are you running A/B tests for lead conversion?

Unless you have a specific strategy that is solid, you will not be able to determine whether or not the digital tools you have chosen are helping or a waste of time.

It is easy to get caught up in all the hype of technology with so many digital marketing options to choose from. This is understandable, with all the news, especially on such a frequent basis, about the latest in technological and digital trends. The key to success is not to simply jump on the latest digital bandwagon in the name of conformity.

Developing a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy Plan:

  1. Identify your target customer base.
  2. Create a list of business goals.
  3. Develop a strategy for implementing and meeting these goals.
  4. Effectively monitor this strategy.