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Designing an Integrated Marketing Campaign
July 23, 2015
An integrated marketing campaign is one that utilises and combines several media mediums instead of just one. These are typically the more successful campaigns than single medium marketing campaigns in terms of response rates. This is not a surprise; they are more interesting, impactful, and as we will see in this brief comparison more effective. […]
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PPC & Content Marketing Strategies
Building a Combined PPC and Content Marketing Strategy
January 30, 2015
Content Marketing is now a constant need in every company’s digital strategy. Doing it within budget is hard enough, doing it the right away too might be one of the hardest challenges companies are facing. The organic benefits and customer appreciation make it well worth the effort, and Content marketing is one of the biggest […]
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Most Effective Ways to Succeed with Content Curation
January 4, 2015
Content curation simply refers to the process of looking for and sharing high quality content about a certain topic. This is done in order to help build a wide audience with whom you can eventually share your own content and deliver your message. A lot of Twitter or other social media users have acquired a […]
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What is Content Curation?
October 9, 2014
Content curation refers to gathering, sorting, and presenting content related to a specific theme. There is so much content circulating the Internet that only a good, experienced content curator can sift through all of this material and deliver the relevant aspects in an organized fashion. Why is Content Curation Important? Have you ever walked through […]
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Editorial Calendar Tips for Content Marketing
September 8, 2014
Setting Up Your Editorial Calendar An editorial calendar is a very important tool if you are going to manage a blog. Regardless of the type of blog you have, and what purpose it serves, you should have a calendar. This will ensure your posts are well balanced, that important information is uploaded in a timely […]
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SEO Services Florida
SEO and Content Marketing
August 4, 2014
The Debate The current debate as it stands concerning SEO and content marketing is that they are oil and water.  The content marketing crowd tends to be a purist bunch and anytime things like “key words” are mentioned they fly into a tantrum rivaling that of any four years old.  Their argument is not lost.  […]
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What is your story?
The Guide to Content Marketing
June 22, 2014
Getting Started on a Good Guide to Content Marketing Writing good, solid content is foundational for an excellent content marketing program.  Otherwise your information will just get lost in the shuffle that is know as the internet.  So how do you do it?  How do you write consistent, engaging, informative content that people want to read?  […]
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Content Marketing
What is Content Marketing?
June 10, 2013
Introduction to Content Marketing When the internet first came into itself, paid advertising was king and content marketing was virtually non-existent. Every time you logged on banner ads were everywhere, their animated gifs littering the screen. Then... Google happened and the internet grew up a bit. It become more innovative, more intelligent, more organic. Paid […]
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