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How to Fix a Social Share Image on Facebook with the Sharing Debugger Tool
March 29, 2024
Introduction Facebook Debugger Tool When you share a link on Facebook, it automatically fetches the title, description, and a thumbnail image to display. Sometimes, the image might not appear as expected, affecting click-through rates and engagement. Fortunately, Facebook offers a Sharing Debugger tool to diagnose and fix such issues. Step 1: Access the Facebook Sharing […]
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How to Manage Social Media As a Business During a Tragedy
June 15, 2022
Social media can be a tricky place for businesses. One false move and you can end up with a lot of negative feedback from the public. That is especially true when people look for someone to blame in times of tragedy. This article will discuss how businesses handle their social media during tragedy, and we […]
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Facebook Video Advertisements Show Their Lack of Progress
August 28, 2018
Facebook has been adamant about showing advertisements within its video content. By baking 15-second adverts into videos that are at least 90 seconds long, Facebook plans to monetize video content on its website. This shows a lack of innovation on Facebook’s part. It shows that they’re not willing to (or have failed to) make any […]
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Facebook Political Advertising
Facebook and Political Transparency
August 23, 2018
Facebook has begun enforcing new political labeling rules for advertising. The rules are intended to help users determine which ads have political intentions. It appears that Facebook has penalized some companies for not meeting the new requirements, though the protocols seem to be broadly enforced, causing non-political ads to get caught in the advertising filter […]
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10 Tried & Tested Ways To Grow A Massive Following On Instagram
July 27, 2018
Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world right now. It has become an incredibly useful tool for businesses and brands looking to increase awareness and influence consumers. The key to getting the most out of Instagram is ensuring you have a large following. This means thousands of people see your […]
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Guide To Image Sizes And Selection On Your Social Media Pages
May 13, 2018
Social media graphics are a vital element in any social media marketing plan. Selecting and strategically scheduling the images can be a real headache for business owners, social media managers, and marketers. What should be a relatively quick and easy task can often evolve into hours spent browsing through hundreds of photo libraries and dissecting […]
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Opting Out Of Sharing Personal Data on Facebook
April 18, 2018
While Facebook is a place where you may be tempted to share personal information, chances are you don't want to share them with Facebook itself. Recently it has come to light that Facebook is guilty of some serious data sharing. Though the Facebook terms of service may have changed, the site was never meant to […]
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Fake News
Facebook Challenges Fake News Through New Video Hub
March 21, 2018
Last year, Facebook announced Watch, an ambitious video hub which presents video shows. Currently, these shows allow publishers and other creators the opportunity to build an audience through: Weekly video series; Videos with storylines; Daily vlogs; or Other live and recorded videos. Facebook plans to take the Watch video hub even farther by offering news […]
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Social Media
Make the Best of Social Media for Your Company/ Business
December 28, 2017
Modern times have improved the ways in which companies and small businesses advertise their services or products. One big factor in advertising in today’s world is social media. Social media can be a useful platform for businesses for several reasons, such as the fact that it is used worldwide and so many people have access […]
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4 Social Networks to Drive Traffic to your WordPress Site
October 27, 2017
Unless you’re immersed in the world of social media, it can be difficult to understand how significantly it can impact your WordPress site traffic. There are a lot of social sites you can choose from to promote your content and connect with the people you care about. But each social network has its unique strengths, […]
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14 Awesome Social Media Plugins for WordPress Websites
October 16, 2017
To have a stellar web presence that supports your digital sales funnel, you have to be active on social media. Some marketers will even tell you that social media marketing is quickly becoming more efficient than SEM. Social media offers the possibility to reach more targeted audiences, and that means you can create more conversions […]
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Successful teamwork
Ways to Reinvent Your Social Media Strategy
March 15, 2017
The most modern brands have already figured out the importance of having an effective online presence. One of the best ways of carving out that presence is by building a strong social media strategy to use. An enterprise can attract potential customers through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Youtube, […]
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