Content Marketing Done Wrong

Today we’re going to talk about Content Marketing Done Wrong. The success of every business needs some sort of content blah blah blah, catch phrase, buzz word…yawn.

Did you catch any of that? No? Good, me either. Can we shake off the tired old b2b thing or a minute and discuss how content marketing is killing the business space online? It’s totally fine, we’re going to chat. Your boss isn’t going to see anything other than you checking out another relatable business article designed to ‘up your game’. Sorry for the buzzphrase. Let’s get started.

Getting It or Getting it right?

Are you focused more on getting your content finished and out the door or are you spending time to make sure that content is on target? Sure, this is yet another question – though ask yourself if you really have been making an effort o do more than finish the job. Too many people have pushed out article after article of content aimed at placing keywords all over their web site or blog. No amount of keywords will help get your brand noticed without having fun, informative content. It’s isn’t getting it right if you’re just focused on getting it – acquiring the content.

Boring, oh so BORING.

Writing on a topic only a few people understand can be frustrating. Making that content interesting to those pole is even more than frustrating – that itself can be mind bending. Even if the business caters to thousands of professionals, the content can end up reading more like a boring manual than an informative and interesting write up on insider news.

Content that’s done wrong is boring content. To avoid this pitfall, put some personality into your marketing pieces. You don’t need for every post or article to be a personal story, but you’ll attract more business by dropping the boring, authority act.

Bloggity Bloggity

Your content strategy doesn’t have to be all white papers or all blog based. While neither are bad, having too many of both can be distracting. Having too little can be just as bad. Strike a balance between what works for you, your business, or your clients. Blogs are great and can be used to reach a wide audience. More people are sharing with social networking, though. The idea of reaching people, whether in b2b or other marketing, customers can be reached through a blog.

Make the content interesting, spark conversation, include a call to action in the content (in several places if possible!), and work to have the material shared. You’d be surprised at the type of things going viral today. Sales and brands are driven by word of mouth along with viral marketing strategies. The people getting it wrong forgot to build their own road map for marketing and tried to follow the herd.

Don’t follow the leader, be the leader. Get sexy with your content and you’ll see a difference. Keep an eye on your measurements. Try the ‘new’ way of marketing for a month, just a month, and watch how your amount of engagement changes.

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