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Content Marketing in 2016

As organizations throughout various industries invest more and more each day into the field, it comes as no surprise that content marketing in 2016 will rapidly grow and change.

SEO is more Than Just about a Search Engine

You cannot always find what you are looking on Yahoo, Bing or Google. While each of these algorithms are constantly undergoing improvements, with trillions of pages online, it is difficult to always find exactly what you are looking for.

The modern consumer is a lot more social in their purchasing habits than they were ever before. Meaning, most purchasers make choices that are based on comments from prospective and existing customers. This has led to a rise in the searches for services on YouTube and Pinterest.

Notable brands will switch their efforts from pure SEO in 2016 and start to optimize around their social media networks. However, the role of search engines is not and will never be dead.

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Competition Will Get Tougher

Content marketing is successfully the second most important component when it comes to marketing budgets. For talented marketers, the competition is fierce, and it seems that is growing as well. This is true especially for people who are specialists in niche marketing. Data driven content creators and visual marketing experts are just two of things that will be soon the most sought after departments at the organizations.

There is least likely going to be any shortage of entry level content creators. That being said, specialists with particular skills in technology and creativity will be in higher demand.

Investments in Interactive Content Marketing

Virtually, all of the digital marketers are aware of mobile optimization and its validity. Prospects are going to use mobile gadgets to perform actions like:

  • Research and locate local businesses
  • Write or read consumer reviews
  • Research and then choose to purchase the best products online.
  • Read and write messages.
  • Use apps or media to message family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Make use of social media networks.
  • Watch videos
  • Listen to music
  • Consume news

The sharpest marketers have already picked up on these and are developing content that is optimized for touch screens.

When given the choice, most people will choose apps over websites as the experience is more optimized and the modern consumer is always looking to save time.

The Shift in Budgetary Control

In all traditional enterprise environments, the content marketing budget control has always rested in the hands of CFOs, and CIOs. It is predicted that this will shift to CMOs.

The budgetary approval projects used by marketing teams have stopped working; it is now difficult to navigate through financial processes. Because of this, a CMO may have more control over the department expenditure than ever before.

Digital Content Is A Lot Bigger

The information from CMO’s annual survey shows that digital ads will take over TV ads by 2018. This is mind blowing as television ads are very expensive. When these high budgets are shifted towards content marketing, it is safe to assume that the quality of the content for tablets, computers, etc., will increase drastically.