Lead Generation

Create a Great Lead Generation Website

You can only receive leads that are as good as the website producing them. The good news is web-building is neither time-consuming nor overwhelming anymore. Simply look at examples of good lead generation converting websites to see what is working and, most importantly, why it is working. Examine the following tips to see proven lead generation steps that will not only increase your site’s authority, but also increase its conversions and trust factor as well.

Contact Number Inclusion

If you’re selling a digital product, this step may seem a bit counterintuitive. Including a phone number to your website, however, increases credibility to offers and increases trust from your consumers.  Even if you don’t receive a single phone call from customers, the presences of a valid phone number brings them comfort.

Form Postings on All Pages

When consumers have easy access to an actual lead generation form, this will increase your viable generation of said leads on your site. The less information you request on the first step, the more likely you have complete participation.

When customers don’t have to provide personal information on the first step of the form, they are more likely to move on to the next step of the lead generation form. Make sure your forms are placed above the fold when designing your site, thus increasing the likelihood of customers noticing them and filling them out.

Increase Credibility Using Testimonials and Photos

Even though Testimonials are a marketing tool that is powerful on their own, they can be taken a step further through the use of video, audio, and photographs. This type of rich media provides a powerful impact that lends you the needed support your offer needs.

Create Videos Speaking to Users

There is a bridge that is gapped between online videos and off-line commerce, additionally to highly seeing an increase in a large variety of industries, especially websites dedicated to e-commerce. When videos are speaking to their users, rather than at them, they are the highest performing. You will see an increase in conversion rates because users will feel more informed and comfortable about their purchases.

Utilize Trust Seals that are Not Just Eye Candy

Despite the fact that actual statistics is not readily available, the majority of trust seal providers claim that use of these seals will increase rates of conversion. Don’t simply choose a seal that is visually appealing, but rather choose one that provides customer guarantees. These types of widgets will increase customer conversion rates.

Describe Offers Using Power Words

Utilize powerful action verbs including “feel,” “get,” and “have” to compel rather than “imagine feeling,” or “imagine having.” The use of actionable words plays a pivotal role with regards to your customer’s decision making because they are not imagining what your offer is like, they are thinking in an actionable manner.

Do Not Use Cookie-Cutter Templates

When creating your website, it should be obvious that you should not be using a cookie-cutter template to create a quality lead generation site. The best thing you can do is invest in an affordable website design that doesn’t consist of a lot of bells and whistles. When a site has a good design, your trust factor will increase, and customers will feel more confident shopping.

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