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Web Design Trends of 2015

Every year, the web design industry transforms and evolves rapidly. However, you should realize that web design is not the end-product itself. It can be considered as a very important asset when it comes to presenting products and services of a company, connecting people together, and providing valuable services and tools.

Some of these have been on the steady rise since 2014, but the following are the design trends of 2015. 

Design Trends of 2015

Unique or Hidden Navigation Menus

Aside from floating menus and sticky navigation tabs, you can expect web designs that involve more creative navigation menus. Pop-up, slide down, dynamic animations, and other types of unique navigation can surely create a more memorable experience. In addition, you can also anticipate more websites this year, which have hidden main menus that only become visible when a site visitor clicked on the right icons.

Long Scrolling Pages

According to the research by Rebecca Gordon, users love to scroll. With this, you can expect web designs that involve long one-pagers. As mobile browsing is becoming more and more popular, you have probably already noticed this web design trend growing recently.

Web designers are very much aware that when browsing a site through a mobile device (or even a computer), it is much more convenient to just scroll through the web page to obtain information, rather than constantly clicking to navigate to another page. You can also expect websites with added animations that are slick and sophisticated, with the aim of making the browsing experience more entertaining.

Large Typography

Just like last year, websites will have larger typography in 2015. Web designers realized that it is a good way to improve the visual hierarchy of the web page, because it can somehow ensure that the ones with the largest type will grab the attention of the visitors and they will read them first. Oversized headlines can impact the visitor because they are powerful and straightforward.


There is a notion that a web design can be considered complete when all of the unimportant elements or components have already been eliminated. This year, you can expect to see more of this idea implemented as web designers and owners search more ways to simplify their web designs and remove non-essential components.

Flat Design

For those who have no idea about what a flat design is, it is the term for a minimalistic approach to design. This type of design focuses more on usability, and has the following characteristics:

  • Clean overall look
  • Crisp edges
  • 2D or flat illustrations
  • Open spaces
  • Bright colors

In the recent years, flat web design was easily adopted by big tech-related companies and web designers. You can expect that this type of design will continue to grow in 2015.

Human Touch

This year, handwritten types of font and hand drawn illustrations will most likely be seen on websites. Web designers take advantage of the fact that this adds a “human touch” that will allow businesses to connect with users more effectively.

Micro UX

In 2015, you can expect web designs to include more creative microcopy or little bits of text that can aid or instruct the site user. These microcopies as well as the fine details in the design will be created to delight the visitor of the site. Expect to see witty expressions, funny images, and other personalized data added to the site.

The things listed here are just some of the web design trends of 2015. There will be a lot more trends that will emerge; only time will tell.  So check back at the end of the year and see how these trends faired this year.