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Designing an Integrated Marketing Campaign

An integrated marketing campaign is one that utilises and combines several media mediums instead of just one. These are typically the more successful campaigns than single medium marketing campaigns in terms of response rates. This is not a surprise; they are more interesting, impactful, and as we will see in this brief comparison more effective.

Single Medium Campaign

Single medium campaigns as the name often suggest focus on one medium at a time. This could be sending post giving a freebie or emails publicising your company, publishing yourself in the trade journal, PPC advertising on Google; the mediums to advertise yourself are endless, but the defining characteristic in these campaigns is that they will be done separately. This is not a terrible thing, but it will fail to keep your brand in the minds of your intended targets. We have all been the target of some advertising campaign of a small company, and we know what happens to most of their emails: they get deleted, or, if it is interesting will be saved for some future date that never comes. Single medium campaigns rarely give that extra force that convinces us to pursue it.

Multiple Media Campaigns

A good exercise when carrying out a marketing campaign is to think what your response would be. If you don’t feel anything from it then scrap it and come up with something that says something, but that is not where you should stop. You need to maintain awareness of your brand, and this is where multiple media campaigns succeed. This is not drastically different from a single campaign, but where each medium are implemented independently of each other, in these types of campaigns they are combined and hence stronger. The result of this will be that those interested in the company but have delayed pursuing the campaign are much more likely to follow up.

Make the campaign fun and involve those you are targeting. Offering a kind of random prize is nothing new, but it does work. This kind of idea can be taken and interpreted so instead of offering prize money you can offer a fun experience.

Campaign Strategies

Knowing and appreciating the difference between these two campaigns is slightly difficult if you are not familiar with different ways to launch a campaign. Here are a few essentials.

Calls to Action

Your campaigns should always at first encourage the recipient to take some action. When they see the advert, they should be encouraged to do something directly and clearly.


The more effective you are with targeting your target market, the higher the return will be. There’s not much point advertising skate boards to women over 70. Fortunately finding specific people is much easier now with the online collecting of information.

Create a Story

This is an extremely effective method of advertising, some breweries create these stories to highlight how traditional and rustic the company is. A story gives some substance for people to relate to and when they are personally attached to a company they will be loyal.

Be Creative

Creativity in marketing goes a long way, and that includes breaking the rules. What I have mentioned here are only a few ways to market your company, and they can be ignored, broken and adapted, just as long as you find a successful way.