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Digital Marketing Strategies Using Instagram

With all the social media networks mobile networks have to choose from, Instagram is still making waves. Despite the fact that it does not come close to having the 1.35 billion user base that Facebook does, the audience reach and rate of engagement it has for brands has made Instagram one of the giants in the digital marketing community. Brands have not only taken notice, but they are already taking advantage of the opportunities by creating digital marketing strategies that embrace the power of Instagram. Here are some of those strategies that have been garnering the most attention:

Latest Products Receiving Promotion:

Businesses using social media platforms for promoting their newest products? While this is not a new notion, doing so using Instagram is an entirely different game. Utilization of Instagram’s visual aspects allows brands to capture people in real time using products while maintaining full control of how everything looks. Nike is a great example: their brand has a following of 12.5 million, which is nearly three times more than the other brands on the network. Frequently, their pages are featuring people in real time wearing their products with #justdoit.

Featuring Contests:

Engagement with users tends to rise when brands hold contests on a regular basis on Instagram. Not only is this an excellent way to establish additional visibility on the network, but it will help you maintain interaction with your core followers. During 2012, Ben & Jerry’s was way ahead of the curve in this aspect. They decided to hold a contest on Instagram with an incredible response using the hashtag #CaptureEuphoria whereby each user shared a photo best depicting their joyous feelings when enjoying their ice cream.

Marketing in Real-Time

Instagram users can participate in product launches and award shows, or other large scale events, in the real time moment to moment with their following. This allows brands to stay engaged with their audience and posting pictures guarantees continued engagement. The NFL which, of course, hosts annual events did an outstanding job posting updates promptly as the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl Celebration Parade took place.

Products With Customers Using Them as Features

An excellent way for brands to attract more users to their product is by featuring others who actively do. Not only does this build up trust, but it also builds up excitement among other users who believe they might be showcased on the brand’s platform. Followers love being involved, rather than just seeing pictures of a brand’s office. Starbucks is an excellent example of how this tactic is used because they frequently post followers’ photos on their platform so their other followers can see.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to building up brand awareness using Instagram. Over the coming years don’t be surprised if more businesses, no matter if they are large or small, begin creating accounts so they can also tap into this powerful social media tool. Think about which are your favorite brands to follow on Instagram and create a list. Then, develop a platform that is similar to theirs.