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Email Marketing for Online Stores

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New technologies have helped improve digital advertisement, enabling advertisers to create more unique marketing concepts. Technological advancement has also enabled online stores to reach a broader target market through email marketing and social media platforms, targeting customers and prospects with a razor-sharp focus. Read on to find out how to craft a great email marketing strategy for your online store.

What Are Your Goals?

Firstly, before embarking on the journey to crafting a great email marketing strategy, you need to define your goals. Determining your goals and objectives will enable you to set a definitive process from the onset.

Identify Your Target

Next, clearly define your target. Is it business to business or business to consumer? You need to determine the customers you intend to offer services to and whether they have the kind of problem your business can solve. Craft your email marketing to excite, attract and lure them into coming for your solutions or products.

The easiest way to determine who your target customers are is:

  • Analyzing what your portfolio holds or who your existing clients are.
  • Study who will benefit from your solution by doing online market research.
  • Find out who your direct competitors' customers are.

After this, the next step is finding out and classifying your clients by determining common demographic details such as age, gender, location, income, and marital status.

Select Your Toolbox

A successful strategy will require you to use tools that will help you craft, disseminate, track and measure the marketing emails and campaigns.

For starters, you will need an email service provider. The email provider will enable you to create and send your emails and provide you with additional solutions for email tracking. Next, pick an automation tool that allows you to program and send emails at strategic times.

Once you've selected the tools needed to craft your strategic emails, write down the passwords you'll share with your team.

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Qualify Your Leads

Qualifying leads involve reaching out to visitors by cold calling or using your ChatBots and customer service personnel to get them to trust you and share their email addresses. You can only do this through proven tactics to make customers want to hear more from you. A few tactics to get your customers' trust include:

Create Relevant Content on Your Website with a Request for Details

Top-notch content provides value to your prospective customers. You can choose to use educational, entertainment, or informational content that inspires them. Include a call to action requesting visitors sign up for more of your content or services.

Keep an Opt-In Form on Your Website's Service or Home Section

The opt-in button can be situated at the bottom of the page or sidebar for easy visibility while they browse your site.

Create Free Offers

One-time offers come in handy when requesting email addresses. You can offer free trials upon subscriptions or a freebie like an ebook.

Segment the Collected Email List

Email list segmentation involves demographically fragmenting your long list into smaller lists based on similarities. For example, one list can consist of ages between 30-35 or those in their thirties and forties. Don't forget to create a buyer persona for each list.

Create Customized Emails

Use the smaller lists you've created to customize your emails to reflect on your brand offerings and develop precise and on-target emails that will realize increased responses. Some tips to successfully customize your emails:

  • Analyze your solutions and how they will address your clients' problems.
  • Be consistent with the content on your website.
  • Analyze whether your content ideas will work well in email messages.

Ready to email your potential customers? Make sure that your emails are personalized before hitting the send button. Tweak the customized emails to fit your customers' profiles and tastes before sending. Personalized marketing emails have a higher return on investment than generic emails.

How to Personalize Your Email Marketing

Personalized emails may consist of something as simple as a birthday card, which studies have shown to generate more than 300% return on investment.

To gather more personalized information, you can employ the use of digital marketing methods, such as:

  • Use social media analytics and your website to get an idea of the products and services that generate the highest rate of engagement which plays a critical role in making them share more details.
  • Design lead forms with additional fields that prompt your potential clients to feel in more detail on your website and social media sites. However, be cautious not to make your leads feel as if they are filling a loan application form by asking for more than is conventionally acceptable.
  • Employ an email look-up tool to generate the leads' basic information such as server location, name, and social media profiles.

Use A/B Testing

Using A/B testing is critical to getting to know more about your customers. Test body copy, subject lines, layout, images, and many more, and change only one thing at a time to draw clear conclusions. This will help you determine the words that resonate better with your target market.

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Set Up Trigger Emails

Trigger emails are sent out to your customers or potential customers while they're on your website. Trigger emails have proven to be more effective in generating replies because you reach out to the customers actively engaging with your content. You can set your triggered these emails to:

  • Send a reminder immediately after a customer abandons their cart.
  • Ask for feedback immediately after a customer completes a purchase or they've finished browsing your website.
  • Send a welcoming email right after they navigate your website.

Share Your Values

Customers nowadays want to support brands they identify with and with missions that align with their core values. You can showcase the milestones of your corporate social responsibility initiatives, like how many orphanages you have supported or your company's impact on the environment, by participating in yearly tree planting events.

Use Dynamic Email Content

Using dynamic email content is the best way to personalize your email marketing. Your email content can be dynamic by including features like a countdown or a live feed from your blog or social channels.

Figure out How You Will Evaluate Your Marketing Campaigns

You have set your goals and gathered your marketing campaign creation tools. Then, you figured out your target market personas and demographics. Finally, you have qualified your leads, tested and personalized your marketing emails to achieve optimum results. Now it's time to establish how you will evaluate your marketing campaigns.

The best way to ensure this process is flawless is by creating email marketing strategy templates that will help you to keep tabs on the accurate net results. Alternatively, you can employ online tools like Hubspot to get an in-depth analysis and evaluation of what your efforts are yielding.


Creating an email marketing strategy is a process that involves a host of fine details that, if overlooked, will give you a hard time implementing and measuring progress and success. Employing a plausible marketing strategy template that you can tweak from time to time will greatly benefit your online store.

At Bright Vessel, we understand the importance of a spelled-out content plan. Contact us today for insights on content marketing strategy and how it can affect your bottom line.

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