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WooCommerce Web Development Certified Expert
WooCommerce Web Development Certified Expert
WooCommerce Web Development Certified Expert

Free Woocommerce Plugins and Extensions

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Most of the plugins on e-commerce are free; however, if you want to be added functionality, then you will have to invest in paid extensions. Here are some free WooCommerce Plugins that you should check out:

Accepted Payment Methods

When it comes to online shopping, offering security and comfort is crucial. With the help of this plugin, you can quickly display the payment methods that you accept on your website.

WP-Lister for Ebay

To maximize sales, a business needs to diversify their product streams. This plugin can help you in streamlining the necessary steps because it lets you post products to their site.

YITH Image Zoom/Magnifier

This is an image zoom in plugin that is completely free, and can help in adding a clean zoom feature to your product images.

CSV Product Importer

WooCommerce doesn not have the simple import feature. This plugin can help you out if you have more than 100 products and need to add images, attributes, and variations.

Woocommerce Store Exporter

If you import products to your store, then you will have to update the prices and add a new shipping class. With the help of this plugin, you can easily export product statuses, categories, and product types.

Smart Sale Badge

When you have a sale on a particular product on your website, then this WooCommerce plugin will put a “Sale” badge on the corner of the preview image. This is great, because by showing users how much they will be saving, you can encourage them to buy things. This plugin can also help you in changing the “sale” badge with a “Save XX$” image.

Pushover – Push notifications for Android and iOS

This plugin can help you when it comes to getting new order notifications, as it will send you a message when your order is low or when you are completely out.

Product Details Customizer

WooCommerce displays upsells, related products, and other tabs on the product display page. This plugin can help you in hiding things that you want to.

Bulk Product Discounts

If you want to offer your consumers a percentage discount when they purchase a lot of products, then this is a must-have plugin. There are several features that help in displaying the discounts in different places on the store, which includes the email receipt, the product page, and the checkout.

Product Video Tab

Visuals like videos can enhance any product’s appeal. However, WooCommerce doesn’t have this facility, and that is where this plugin comes in. It solves the issue by adding a tab to the product display that appears when you want to embed a video of the product.

Multilingual Support

If you use WPML to power your site, and it interacts with non-English speakers, then you have come to the right place, as this plugin will help you to sell products. It manages translations when it comes to attributes, product categories, tabs, and much more. Not only this, it emails order receipt to customers in their language and helps you in running your e-commerce store with different currencies.

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