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Digital marketing Techniques
Digital marketing Techniques
Digital marketing Techniques

Grow Your Business Using Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques

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This is my favorite time to be a blogger, where you’re able to look ahead at what could be the major trends with regards to digital marketing. The biggest question remains, what are the most beneficial marketing trends online? When scrutinizing which are most relevant, place focus on what is making the biggest difference rather than what is the coolest or hottest trend.

10 Keys to Digital Marketing Tools & Technologies:

#1: Tools for Content Curation

Because visual and micro content is providing the highest impact, using tools to manage to publication and creation of your content derived from multiple sources is an important cog for your marketing machine for content.

#2: Tools for Effectiveness, Content, Personalization, Recommendation, Retargeting, and Review

No matter how outstanding your content is, connecting audiences with it is still a challenge for site managers. This is where dynamic recommendations comes into focus and can assist. There are personalization tools developed targeting offers and products to ecommerce sites.

Examples include:

  • Barilliance
  • BrightInfo
  • Demandbase
  • Idio
  • Evergage
  • Monetate

#3: Services for Distributing Content

Sharing organically through social media using a paid content distribution network. These tools focus on such distribution:

  • Hootsuite
  • Oktopost
  • Sendible

#4: Content Management and SEO

SEO is expanding into content management and social media. This goal includes the review of backlinks, as well as keywords. Here are some analytics SEO tool examples:

  • Analytics SEO
  • Moz
  • Raven Tools

#5: API Hubs and Service Integration

Integrations occurring between multiple platforms are APIs. While there are no examples of specific tools in this section, efforts are made by particular vendors when services are purchased to create integrations and add value to tools of their own.

#6: Value Optimization and User Engagement

Visitors are typically tracked using web analytics, such as Google Analytics because it is powerful and free. There are additional tools that will track a user’s behavior, repeat behavior, and other site use that tends to be limited by Google:

  • Chartbeat
  • Ecommera
  • Kissmetrics
  • Mixpanel

#7: Intelligent and Actionable Analytics 

There is another limitation to the analytic tools mentioned in the tip above. They require expertise to apply this data. Only a skilled analyst can find that actionable data, ask the right questions, and find the right insight. New tools are launching through Google for novices, however insights are not quite there yet. Here are some example of tools for novices:

  • Google Analytics Intelligence and Alerts
  • Quill Engage
  • Smart Insights

#8: Optimization: from Conversion to Experience 

Smart Insights are a long time favorite due to their structured AB, which many marketers are a longtime advocate of. However, these structures primarily focus on a single page visit rather than customer’s entire visit through a site. Tools that support the evolution marketers are seeking include:

  • Optimizely
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Unbounce

#9: Optimization Through Digital Sales Channels

Management of ecommerce platforms places serious focus upon businesses merchandising category, home, and product pages effectively. Merchandise optimization is critical.

#10: Augmentation for Wearables and Virtual reality

Lastly, we’ve arrived at what is hottest and coolest in the world of technology. This makes the smallest commercial different is the majority of companies, which is why it is saved for last.

  • Apple Watch Apps
  • Facebook Oculus Rift
  • Google Glass
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