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How to Hack eCommerce Store Automation to Make Your Job Easier

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In many organizations, there are small tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. Viewed individually, these tasks may each take a maximum of five minutes to complete. Viewed as a whole process, they can take up a significant chunk of time. This can significantly reduce the productivity of the organization and slow down growth.

E-Commerce automation tools will not only save you money but will also allow you to:

  • focus your time on advancing your competitive edge
  • develop new products
  • develop new marketing strategies for your business

E-Commerce store automation is an effective tool for saving resources. To meet customer requirements, fulfill as many orders as possible and compete effectively with other businesses, organizations turn to e-commerce tools.

Process of Automation

Automation begins by identifying tasks and processes that need to be automated and the ones that clearly don't. This can be achieved by:

  1. Making a list of tasks that are performed on a daily basis
  2. Noting down the time spent on each task
  3. Rating the importance of each task to the organization (rated from 1-least important to 10-most important)

Highly rated tasks are critical to the organization's operations and therefore should be prioritized. E-commerce automation tools help to simplify the work and streamline the efforts of running your online store.

A Few Tips on E-commerce Automation

As an organization or an online store, time is an invaluable resource. Time is also limited. Automation of processes will save an online store a lot of time. This is because e-commerce tools replace human labor with software that reduces hours spent performing tasks manually in a matter of seconds. All one needs is to set up the automation process and all the work can be done by a simple click of a button. Some of the automation processes available include:

  • automated email responses
  • automated social media fresh feed marketing posts
  • maintenance of customer loyalty programs
  • automated communication between departments

E-commerce automation is an ingenious way to do simple tasks and organizations have adopted these tips to maintain a flexible operating schedule.

Automation can be done on processes such as:

  • Identifying and segmenting customers depending on their purchase behavior
  • Sales scheduling—information on the change in demand patterns, change in prices of goods and promotions
  • Information on new products, posting such information on social media, and your website
  • Taking care of very important customers, sending personalized messages to them
  • Emailing the marketing department to stop advertising in case of stock runouts
  • Adjustment of the costs based on the customer's location or pick up station
  • Allocation of discounts based on customer loyalty, history, and location

Automation of these processes helps the organization to save time and money. An organization can also adopt automation to link processes across departments.

Maintaining a Loyal Customer Base

Maintaining an online store means maintaining a loyal customer base. One also needs to have an eagerly awaiting customer base prior to opening an online store. These are potential customers whose attention have been captured with a call to action message, such as “buy now and get a $5 discount.”

Here are some ideas for generating loyal customers:

  • Capture your potential customers' attention with a call to action message
  • Your simple website can have can have a section for the customer to enter their email address
  • After the customer enters their email, you can direct them to another page that encourages the customer to share the website with family and friends
  • Include promotional features encouraging customers to refer friends and family to your webpage

Doing this will create a viral loop of referrals landing on your web page and in turn increase sales.

Automated Personalized Emails

It is important to engage your customers in conversation. This can be done through email. Employing a personalized touch in writing to your potential and existing customers encourages response and conversation with the recipient. So instead of having employees always on call to perform this task, you can have automated email responses in place to handle it for you.

There are a number of e-commerce tools that will enable you to automate email responses. These tools are customizable to your liking and allow you to add a personal touch to your email responses. One tool we like is the Klaviyo tool. This tool can help you:

  • Send as many emails as possible to your clients
  • Automatically respond to queries made by customers.
  • Send personalized emails to segments of your email list

Picreel is another email automation tool we like. Here are some of it’s best features:

  • Pop-ups to collect customer's email address as they visit your web page
  • Comes with two options— an entry pop up and an exit pop up
  • Entry pop up comes up as soon as the visitor is on your website and asks them to fill in their email address
  • Exit popup asks the customer to enter their email as they are about to leave the site.

Picreel also enables you to customize the pop-ups on your website to suit your requirements.

Social Media Leveraging

As an online store, leveraging leads off social media is beneficial in converting potential customers into sales.

Social media provides a targeted means of marketing to existing and potential customers. There are a number of tools to help you generate fresh content frequently on your social media platforms. Automatic scheduling tools create a library of content that can be posted on a frequent basis. Tools such as Buffer can do this quite simply.

Here are some of the features we love about Buffer:

  • Generates fresh content frequently on your social media platforms
  • Ensures the content posted reaches out to as many people as possible
  • Creates a library of content that can be posted on a frequent basis

Making Good Use of Drop Shipping

Drop shipping done punctually and effectively can help reduce operating as well as overhead costs. Drop shipping drastically reduces order fulfillment costs and processing of orders by improving the quality of service offered to the final consumer.

With drop shipping:

  • less capital is required
  • you have the option of expanding the number of products dealt in
  • the extra money saved can be used on strategizing for business expansion
  • improved quality of service to your customers

Due to the role these automation tools play in the success of an organization, we at BrightVessel have worked to make these tools readily available to you. Contact us today and we will offer our best insights into effective marketing strategies to suit your organizational needs.

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