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Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agencies

As an example, West Palm Beach, Florida is a growing city and with the growth comes competition in business. Traditional marketing is no longer the right way to reach customers. Because of the transparency to understand what customers want, digital marketing allows businesses to make the right decisions based on data that is easy to gather.

Getting customers are the first things on your mind when you own a business. This is not just an important task; it is also a difficult one as well. All companies need to have an effective marketing plan to grow.

Customers need to have clear communication about your brand and what you sell to build confidence that you will deliver what you promise. To get the facts communicated, you need to have a well thought out and efficient marketing plan. Most of the companies think of a strategic marketing plan, but only a few know how to implement a solid digital marketing plan. Marketing never ends with simply hiring a sales team. 

The Factors That Go Into an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

With the rise of the internet, the explosion of social media networks and indexed search, along with the way companies and customers communicate with each other has changed considerably. Modern consumers do not use the yellow pages anymore, they are armed with smartphones and need nothing else to access information from anywhere in the world.

Companies need to ensure their branding message is built with perfection.

Digital Marketing Radar

Here are Some of the Essential Cogs That Go into a Modern Digital Marketing Strategy 

  • Website re- engineering (developer)
  • Sponsorship
  • Special events
  • Specialists for managing social media
  • SEO optimization
  • PR specialists
  • Printing
  • PPC
  • Specialist for mobile marketing
  • Data Analysts
  • Marketing Software
  • Market research
  • Graphic designer
  • E- newsletters
  • Email programs
  • Content developers
  • Collateral development and production

This may be a thorough list, it should also be seen as incomplete, as with new apps and technologies hitting the market every day, the challenge gets complex.

To Hire or Not to Hire, That Is the Question

Businesses that have neither the time nor the inclination to do things themselves are left with choices of either to hire an outside agency or an employee. In lots of instances, business owners prefer hiring a specialist. This solves the issue at hand immediately. On top of that, business owners have the perception that external agencies are a lot more expensive than when you hire in-house staff. The problem with this is that most of the time, owners cannot get you a true basis for that comparison.

The Cost of Digital Marketing

Most business owners can never pinpoint a basis for comparison. They use the debate between hourly wage and a base salary to cover this area. The real cost is the one associated with retaining and hiring an employee. Mostly, people not only have an account for a base salary but they add in fixed expenses as well like the local and state taxes. The actual cost goes 1.25-1.40 times over the base salary. 

The Good Things about Working with a Marketing Agency

Among the tons of benefits of working with an experienced marketing firm, some of them are:

  • Efficiency in urgent and short term projects
  • Tax liability and tax deductions.
  • Zero extra overheads
  • An immediate execution of the marketing plan
  • No time wasted on employee training
  • Money saving
  • Learning new things from the way marketing plans are executed in front of you.
  • Expertise in the market niche.

You may think that you’re saving money on an hourly basis when forego hiring an employee or doing it yourself, but are you taking into account the value that you get from a marketing agency that is more experienced on focusing on an inbound strategy?