Creative Block

How to Break Your Creative Block in 40 Different Ways – Infographic

The meaning of creative block can be interpreted by having a mental block or emotional barriers. Creative block can also be created by work habits and communication breakdowns. It’s safe to say it can happen to all of us which is why we created this infographic about 40 ways you can break your creative block.

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How to Break Your Creative Block in 40 Different Ways - Infographic

40 Little Things You Can Do to Break Your Creative Block

1. Step away from your computer
2. Go for a walk
3. Do something different
4. Solitude
5. Participate
6. Rest
7. Get inspiration from dreams
8. Homegrown design
9. Restrict yourself
10. Go with the flaw
11. Go against the flow
12. Play
13. Find your Muse
14. Change your surroundings
15. Brainstorm
16. Have a cup of tea or coffee
17. Journal
18. Collections
19. Collaboration
20. Travel
21. Collage
22. Start doodling
23. Meditate
24. Crafting
25. Make a mess
26. Notebook
27. Daydream
28. Be surrounded by beauty
29. Hear some music
30. Start without starting
31. Learn something new
32. Photo safari
33. Social creative time
34. Keep a sketchbook
35. Cross pollinate
36. Dress for success
37. Show up
38. Be bored
39. Redesign your day
40. Stop comparing

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