Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce Business

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing typically involves marketing of your brand to those who can sway over other people’s purchasing decision. Unlike traditional marketing, the marketing influence here stems from the popularity, expertise or reputation of an individual, brand, group etc. For instance, celebrities are often seen endorsing a product because of their popularity and visibility. Though content marketing and social media marketing are often used as parts of influencer marketing, they’re not synonymous. Content marketing, when used in influencer marketing, has a content element that’s carried by the influencers whereas in the latter type of influencer marketing, influencers endorse your brand through their individual social channels. Unquestionably, influencer marketing has taken Shopify Ecommerce to the next level because of its foundation built on word-of-mouth recommendations. You can reap the benefits of influencer marketing by collaborating with an online influencer and using its creativity as well as the audience engaged with it. Be prepared to develop a respectable and open relationship with the influencer and remember that you may have to provide the influencer access to your brand before it’s out in the market.

Need of Influencer Marketing in Ecommerce Business

Take the case of Shopify Ecommerce. Since it has already taken over the traditional market, it’s time for you to engage influencer marketing. Today, consumers become highly influenced by the purchasing decision of fellow consumers and believe it or not, you’ve to be social if you want to give your brand some additional traction, just as Shopify Ecommerce did. According to studies, Facebook is the most dominating source of driving social sales and traffic. Interestingly, it drives almost two-third of all the social media visitors to Shopify stores. Still feeling hesitant? Well, put yourself in a customer’s shoes and imagine, would you trust the advice of a stranger whom you met in a party as much as when the same is coming from a celebrity? Surely not. That’s exactly why you need to think of influencer marketing now. When you collaborate with an influencer, you’re not only promoting your brand among its audience but the networks of its audience too.

Influencer Marketing Steps

  • Drill down about your products

To make your brand strengthen its presence and reach on Shopify Ecommerce, first you need to study other established brands. For instance, what type of content they use that gets the most engagement and if your brand is based on any demographics, study well that too. To make the most out of influencer marketing, consider understanding your target audience and who’ve a sway over them. Conduct market research and product testing regularly to enhance product features and design. A refined product is sure to help you stay ahead in your league.

  • Choose Relevant Influencers

Selection of right influencer is of utmost importance in influencer marketing. Only recruit your industry-specific influencer to find success. For instance, you can always engage a movie star as influencer for your brand related to spices but the proper influencer would be a renowned chef. Remember to check the influencer’s references and his/her track record of success. Also, you should check his/her social networking channels, audience and networks of the audience. If you find difficulties, search online for tools that’ll help you save time for trawling hundreds of social media accounts to find the perfect influencer for your brand.

  • Where to find Your Ideal Influencer

In today’s world of continual social media buzz, finding right influencers has become an integral part of every successful business on Shopify Ecommerce. You need to continuously monitor different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc to find your target audience and ideal influencer. Brand influencers are the strongest advocates of your brand because of their loyal audience. Also, niche or genre influencers can be your perfect marketing influencer. Remember that a perfect influencer is someone capable of spreading the awareness and increasing your content’s worth, thus driving conversations relevant to your company.

  • Content marketing

Unquestionably, great content is an integral part of any influencer marketing strategy. Create compelling content for your target audience and don’t forget to check its authenticity and capability of promoting your brand. Consider giving your influencers a brand immersion so that they can experience your product and get aligned smoothly with your brand messaging. To maximize your content value, you can publish it on your social media accounts, as Facebook ads, or simply on your Product Page. Other ways to consider are crowdsourcing of new ideas, creating a conversation etc.

  • Leveraging your content to improve its reach

When designing your influencer marketing strategy for Shopify Ecommerce, you must consider leveraging your content to reap the maximum benefit. Firstly, you must keep your content honest and real by reducing special effects, editing and photoshopping. Remember that most of the bloggers get followers for their credibility and honesty. To improve the reach of your content, let your influencers control your social media accounts and have them create posts by using their creativity. This improves your relation with your influencers as you’re making them feel like an important part of your brand. Also, it magnifies the reach of your content when it’s posted by your celebrity influencer as it helps your audience to link your brand to your influencer.


According to a study conducted by Sysomos, over 74% of marketers are aiming to incorporate influencer marketing as one of their marketing strategies within the next 12 months. So, it is indeed the right time for you to start planning for adopting this powerful marketing tool that can help you build credibility and popularity for your online store on Shopify Ecommerce. Influencer marketing provides easily trackable new sales, ROI, content reach and brand sentiment. Lastly, you must understand that all influencer marketers are not alike and so are their ways of working. So, refrain yourself from interrupting in their mode of working. Instead, you can ask for a weekly analytical report showing the engagement and his/her performance. Based on the report, if required, make changes to be on the same page with your influencer’s overall performance/personality, thus ensuring that your brand is reaping the most from its presence on Shopify Ecommerce and other platforms.

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