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Landing Pages Optimization
Landing Pages Optimization
Landing Pages Optimization

Landing Page Best Practices and 2015 PPC Trends

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You have just seconds to convince them to stay and look around. Spending time to construct the best possible page for the best possible visitor experience is well worth your while.

An effective landing page is essential if you want to make the most of your Pay Per Click, or PPC, advertising dollar. The two leverage each other.

To help you decide what you need to be doing in these two areas and how to do it, here is an overview of landing page best practices and the top four trends in PPC.

Landing Page Best Practices

Your customers will tell you what types of changes you need to make to your page after you get one up. But first you need to construct one. Based on research from experienced online marketers, here are 10 effective strategies for making an landing page that grabs visitor attention.

#1. Coordinate the headline at the top of your page with the link that your visitor clicked in order to reach it.

#2. Make your Call to Action, or CTA, easily visible. Put it right at the top, above the fold, in large letters. Make it completely clear what you want your visitor to do once he reaches your page.

#3. Use visuals to focus your visitor’s attention on the CTA. That means photos of people looking at it or clipart of big arrows that point to it.

#4. Have one purpose for your page. Multiple purposes confuse visitors. They are in a hurry and don’t have time to decipher your message. Make it abundantly clear what your page is all about.

#5. Make your content and your graphics all refer to a single point or purpose. You need to make it as simple and as clear as possible for your visitors.

#6. Visually show your product or service in use on your landing page.

#7. Always include a video. Studies prove that this increases conversions up to 80%.

#8. Use real testimonials. Don’t make them up. Put them in a prominent location on the page.

#9. Be succinct. Your visitors don’t have time to read fluff. Condense your copy, leave just the essentials.

#10. Use free trials. Visitors love these. Try before you buy has become an internet standard.

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