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Managing your WooCommerce Store: Tips for Success

As web commerce as a viable business option continues to boom in the modern market, the parallel growth of plugins like WooCommerce from the widely popular blogging platform WordPress continues to gain popularity amongst modern industries. This being the case, developing new WooCommerce solutions is becoming a necessity for business owners to learn and adopt it as a general practice.

WooCommerce Best Practices do not focus solely on sales; they are also about presentation. In the same way that a physical store must be visually appealing in some way to draw in customers, so, too, must a WooCommerce store. In the article to follow, you will learn about some tricks and tips to help you succeed in understanding and running your WooCommerce Solutions site.

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The Ins and Outs of Choosing a Web Host

In the early stages of your WooCommerce store, it is likely that you will lean toward a low-investment web hosting plan as you have likely not made any significant strides in financial success just yet. But keep in mind that a good web host is one that will not only help draw customers in, but prevent them from leaving.

The right web host is one that provides fast service to your customers. Or, it should have the required bandwidth to allow customers visiting your site to choose what they want, pay, and leave quickly. If extended download or loading times exist, there is a higher chance of customers leaving early and looking elsewhere to purchase what they are looking for. In this age of instant gratification and virtual interfaces, your WooCommerce store must be fast and efficient to stand a chance.

To ensure that your web host is working at optimum capacity, there are a number of resources analyzing reports that you can utilize to check on your site’s bandwidth speeds and related issues. If your site is running below par, then it may be time to either upgrade your web hosting plan or move web hosts entirely.

Main Points to Take Away:

  • Web hosts dictate bandwidth,
  • Good web hosts operate efficiently,
  • Poor web hosts or cheaper options may slow bandwidth,
  • Fast access and speeds mean more customers,
  • Keep track of analysis reports of your site,
  • Faster speeds in WooCommerce stores is part of the competition.

WooCommerce Hooks

The Power of WooCommerce Hooks

WordPress offers a powerful web tool known as “hooks” that help streamline customization, theme development, and plugin usage. Essentially, these hooks are ways for you to rewrite some of the HTML code that is the base anatomy of your site and create custom additions or functions that are otherwise unavailable without some serious hacking skills.

WooCommerce, in particular, has its own list of custom hooks that you can use to expertly customize numerous aspects of your WooCommerce store to make it more appealing or user-friendly.

These hooks also make it easier to implement customization on your WooCommerce site store. To change a certain type of page font for a specific topic or range of topics, you can use the woocommerce_page_title filter, which will create a specific icon or phrase in every area on your site that refers to your chosen topic.

Main Points to Take Away:

  • Hooks are adaptable code,
  • They allow more customization options,
  • They make customization easier for you,
  • Important tools to develop your WooCommerce store,
  • They can help to create a more appealing site atmosphere.


Update Early, Update Often

Web environments are hotbeds of constant change as the virtual world continues to grow in size and complexity. This being the case, it is necessary for websites like WooCommerce and WordPress to stay on their toes, keep a finger on the pulse of the web, and make updates as necessary.

While this may seem like an unnecessary hassle (especially for updates that seem pointless or minuscule), WooCommerce Best Practices necessitate that you keep up with these updates to ensure that your site is running at peak efficiency.

More than the loss of efficiency, an out-of-date site can be dangerously more vulnerable to security threats. If the security of your WooCommerce store is brought into question by a successful hacker, your store will suffer a dip in reputation and customers will be less likely to want to shop if they fear to catch a computer virus (or other forms of security breach).

Your customers trust you to keep their purchasing information (credit cards, bank accounts, etc.) secure, and if your site gets hacked, that trust is damaged, perhaps irreparably. This type of issue is highly avoidable, so long as you keep an eye on available updates and ensure that your site is running at optimum capacity.

Main Points to Take Away:

  • Updates are common and fairly frequent,
  • They are necessary to keep up with the rest of the web,
  • Ignoring them will cause your site to lose efficiency,
  • Ignoring them may lead to security breaches,
  • Security breaches will lead to a loss of customer trust, and thus a loss of customer traffic.

Developing Theme Templates

WooCommerce themes are based on a template hierarchy that connects the different pages of your website with slight alterations found on each page’s specific function. This process is done through a query string that searches through the hierarchy for the right template file to use with your site.

For those with limited experience altering template themes, it may be best to stick to the default hierarchy that is provided with the WooCommerce host. If you are more comfortable with site code editing, you can customize your theme by either copy and pasting a chosen template hierarchy into your theme, or you can use WooCommerce hooks to made small changes while not added any more theme files.

A template is an extremely helpful tool that takes a lot of the guesswork and hassle out of creating a custom theme for your WooCommerce store. Using a template allows you to get back to operating the actual store rather than worrying about design issues.

Main Points to Take Away:

  • WooCommerce themes are based on a template hierarchy
  • You can utilize the template hierarchy to customize your personal theme
  • Templates help you worry less about design and more about the actual commerce.



Establishing Solid Site Security

Web security is one of the most crucial components of a successful site in general, let alone a WooCommerce site that you should be carefully considering at the start of your virtual endeavor. Depending on the web host that you have chosen, security options may already be implemented into your site’s hosting plan, or is offered through the web host elsewhere. If your web host does not offer some form of security, then you may need to consider changing providers.

Having a strong password is always a surefire way to increase the security of your site. A good password should always be long and involve a variety of characters, including letters, numbers, and special characters. Some sites, including WordPress, offer a password generator tool that will create a variable, strong password for you to use. And if you are struggling to keep track of your passwords, there are a number of password managing tools that can help.

There are also a few different security tools that can help increase the protection of your site. Jetpack security essentials can track how many times a person attempts to log on, and can restrict login to specific IP addresses. If the attempts continue, Jetpack can even block the offending IP address completely. The program comes with enough customization that you will not have to worry about accidentally locking yourself out.

VaultPress performs real-time backups of your site, and can restore it in the case of a security breach or fatal shutdown. In the background, VaultPress acts as a sort of virus protection service by keeping up a constant scan for threats and other suspicious activity on your site.

There are a number of other security tools that you can use to add further layers to your site’s protection available. Finding the ones that fit your needs and your budget are the key to increasing your site’s internal security.

Main Points to Take Away:

  • Web security is essential,
  • A good web host will have solid security embedded or available,
  • Strong, varied passwords can help reduce security breaches,
  • Security tools are available to help with additional protection.



These are just a few tips that you can use to achieve success with your WooCommerce store. For the best results, it is worth your time to consider enlisting the aid of a WooCommerce management professional. Certified experts can help you get the most out of your WooCommerce store and establish a lasting brand. At Bright Vessel, we understand the importance of an active content plan. Contact us today to learn more about how a content marketing strategy can benefit your bottom line.