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Marketing Mistakes for Law Firms - Top 4 Tips

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Marketing mistakes for law firms in Florida tend to have because there focus on practice is more important than their focus on marketing. Most lawyers are busy people; and because of that they miss obvious opportunities to make themselves noticed online. They can’t get more exposure because they have been using marketing strategies that are too common nowadays. Like in every business domain, people make mistakes; and, when it comes to promoting their brand, law firms are no different. Fortunately these mistakes can be fixed and avoided. Here are some guidelines on how to tackle common errors and help your law firm become a more powerful marketing machine.

Marketing Mistakes for Law Firm in Florida - Social Media

Marketing Mistakes for Law Firms Tip #1 - Ignoring social media

You can’t have a thriving law firm if you keep ignoring social media. You should strive to build engagement, focus more on brand awareness and drive leads. A lot of lawyers create an online social profile, but few manage and leverage it properly. In the online world, if you don’t interact with your audience you don’t get exposure. Social media functions only when people communicate with each other. If you want to make your law firm recognized, you have to comment on people’s posts, write articles, and respond to their questions. Share meaningful content and keep your audience interested. Give them a reason to follow you!

Marketing Mistakes for Law Firms Tip #2 - Choose your blog posts carefully

“Content is king” is the motto of the online marketing world. If you’re not writing, you are not reaching people or leads. Start a blog and link it to your law firm’s official website. Make sure the information offered is 100% accurate, relevant, and credible to your target audience. Make the content as catchy as possible and stay away from unethical SEO techniques. Write for the reader, not for search engines.
When selecting topics, be strategic. Don’t write about things you know very little about because information is readily available online, which leads to people being very informed on a multitude of topics. Providing them with the wrong piece of information can have an instant negative effect on your business. Visualize your target market and tailor your services to the best of your abilities.

Marketing Mistakes for Law Firms Tip #3 - Transparent internet marketing

There are all kinds of Internet marketing techniques law firms should enforce. Providing that your chosen tactics are ethical too, you have the highest chances of gaining valuable clients. Internet marketing has to be done the right way for a law firm to attract meaningful traffic. It can be an incredibly powerful tool, but with great power comes great responsibility.
Be careful with the information you provide on your website. It’s not professional to talk about billable or hourly rates online. These things should be discussed in private, not via Facebook comments. Every case is different because every client will be different. Some will demand more attention than others - you should have that aspect in mind before talking about rates on social platforms where everyone can see.

Marketing Mistakes for Law Firms Tip #4 - Ignoring the great potential of doing pro bono work

Does your law firm take pro bono cases? Because it should; if you can’t find the time to meet with people in person, spend quality time talking to them online. Don’t ignore them because they can do a lot of good to your company’s online reputation. Pro bono work shows that you have empathy and that you want to give back to the community. Answer people’s questions on social media, or at least write blog posts on the importance of helping those in need.
Last but not least, don’t ignore keyword strategy and SEO. This is critical to the success of your business in the online community. If you don’t have time, then outsource the work to someone else. Hire someone who’s competent and reliable. Your website has to be visible for search engines, and it will be as long as the content you provide is 100% original and meaningful.

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