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Digital Marketing to Millennials Infographic – 2016

When thinking about digital marketing to millennials, they’re many different opinions on the how you should approach reaching this generation. If you asked a group of millennials what they thought. Their response could be different in each case. The truth is you need to approach a marketing strategy with testing and analytical reporting and target each group differently. With all of the online avenues, new and old. Millennials not only can change the game on you, they like doing it.


Here are 6 Digital to Marketing Millennials Predictions In 2016:


More than 78M Millennials will dominate and carry the 2016 election.

More than 75% will use their cell phone while shopping to compare and get reviews on products.

More than 73% will be completing transactions via mobile device.

More than 68% will get news from social media.

More than 75% will be on Facebook.

More than 65% will seek out customer service for issues online.


GoldmanSachs put out an excellent digital marketing to Millennials infographic – 2016


The title is “Millennials Coming of Age” which reviews the following:

  • Who Are They
  • A Larger Cohort
  • Housing
  • Love and Marriage
  • Access, Not Ownership
  • Brands and Retail
  • Beyond the Brand
  • Wellness
  • Defining Healthy
  • Takeaway

The review is very well done and shows how important it is not to leave out Millennials in your digital marketing strategy especially in 2016.

Digital Marketing to Millennials Infographic

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