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Online Purchasing – The Modern Way of Shopping

In the last couple of years, E-Commerce has grown its influence on people purchasing worldwide. Big and small stores have found a new and practical form to sell their products while reducing the costs of having a physical place.

America has around the 80% of this market. Not only they sell locally, but they have expanded to the world. According to some research done last year, 8 out of 10 people buy online using new technologies, such as smartphones and online platforms.

A wide range of digital tools and platforms are being used in the purchasing process. Most people have access this way of buying by using the web or a cell phone while a small amount of them just follow a link from a social media.

However, there is still a majority that prefers to buy in a physical store. It can be said that the conditions are not equal. It is true that if buying the same product (online or physically) people tend to buy in a store, but when comparing prices, a considerable difference might be found.

Some people indicate that when they need to purchase, they generally compare the prices that they can get in a store with the ones they find online. Although the costs might be an essential element when buying, consumers also consider some other factors to determine their purchasing decision.

Consumers´Online Purchasing Preferences

If it is the first time they buy, they try to compare prices from several sellers by asking questions about the possible alternatives or, they buy from familiar sellers. What is more, they might look for some previous reference like a post, comments or reviews by other users.

Some surveys done on this matter revealed that checking comments and reviews help sellers to improve their sells and it might grow their client list if a ranking is included. All these concepts trigger sells because consumers might feel that others opinions are a “plus” and help them to make a good decision.

Today, online purchasing is dominating. Many people are incorporating devices and platforms such as social media and smartphones into the buying process.

Links to web pages are another way buyers found to purchase. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most used in the sells area. They are specially used by younger adults because they are likely to manipulate cellphone and social media platforms in their everyday activities.

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Online Reviews and Comments

Consumers rely on advice and recommendations from other consumers. Before purchasing, they check not only ratings but also reviews. They can consult this information when deciding if the product or service would be worth the money. In most of the cases, people take into account these consumers´ rating and reviews in the process.

Reading the reviews is common for people of all ages and groups, but it seems that younger generations are likely to incorporate them into the shopping experience. Moreover, the frequency in which they do it might be correlated with the frequency they actually shop online.

In addition to reviews, people are getting familiar with the idea of watching videos online to obtain relevant or extra information about what they are planning to purchase. These videos can be found on different sites or even in social media, so they easy for anyone to access.

Fake Business Review

Can Online Reviews be Trusted?

In recent years, it has been questioned whether online reviews should be trusted or not. This situation might be given because business owners and consumers have complained about the validity and truthfulness of the posts on several sites.

It can be stated that users with greater experience on online reviews are more comfortable with their accuracy and truthfulness and they expressed that, in general, negative reviews are more influential than the positive ones.

As regards social media platforms, it is possible to find the opportunity for customers to share their opinions and experiences about products or services purchased. Their reports portray both positive and negative ideas which are based on their personal experience with what they are consuming.

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No-Cash Payment

The use of cash has existed in this market for a long time. However, cards (credit and debit) have become part of the exchange in modern times. Besides, it appears that currently cash is not used regularly by consumers.  When buying online, people tend to use their cards; this allows them to buy locally but also to experience a foreign market.

There is another possibility as a payment method, PayPal is known worldwide as a website that allows buyers and seller to charge and buy respectively. It not only gives the customer a number of ways to pay but also an easy possibility of payment. Among the ways to pay, the purchaser can opt debit or credit card, cash or even checks or money orders.

  • E-commerce involves local and international purchasing.
  • 8 out of 10 % buy online using new technology like smartphones.
  • Platforms and digital tools are used to purchase any kind of products or services.
  • Buying online gives people the possibility of comparing products and prices easily.

Overall, it can be said that only purchasing has increased and it is still growing because many consumers are taking this method on a regular basis. Let’s not forget that purchasing online is accessible for everyone and all the possibilities of payment make it even more attractive to buyers.

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