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Shopify Website Development

We offer intuitive and beautifully designed Shopify stores that are built to convert. As one of the leading agencies in creating Standard and Enterprise Plus stores, we break down the traditional barriers and can create a completely custom Shopify site with no limitation
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We specialize on delivering the best eCommerce solutions
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Shopify Expert Services

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Shopify Web Design
We focus on clean code, speed, convertibility, and usability. Whether it is building a standard website or a fast WooCommerce enterprise site. Our website design services provide custom-built, fluid, and high-converting website designs that mirror your brand image seamlessly, deliver optimal viewing and user experience and serve as a sales-generating platform.
Shopify Copywriting
We are very thorough when designing WordPress & WooCommerce sites. We work with transparency through wireframing and a design phase for approval to capture the complete customer journey experience.
Shopify Apps Integration
Copywriting is considered a lost art and very important in creating a brand impact. We are not just coders and developers. We have an award-winning marketing team that can help penetrate the market with a clever and enticing brand voice.
Shopify Migrations
We are well-versed in WordPress and WooCommerce, allowing us to consult, build, and pick the right tools for the job. We ensure at every stage of our build process, our clients understand and are involved in providing the best possible outcome.
Shopify SEO
We worked on all mainstream apps, and even developed custom apps for custom order statuses and returns. If you need to expand your site or need a custom solution for a requirement in mind, we can help.
Shopify Maintenance
We understand the schema and the correct markup to ensure your site has the best chance of being seen by search engines. We can help with an SEO audit, submit the sitemap to Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and even expand to map location optimization.


Bright Vessel is a WooCommerce Certified Expert. If you’re looking for talented WooCommerce developers who specialize in WordPress, & WooCommerce Development. We know the platforms intimately and can build a website that you can grow upon. Our team combined has designed, developed, customized, managed, and rebuilt thousands of websites

How we do it

Fill out our questionnaire and once we review the data we will contact you and schedule a call with one of our co-founders. You'll get answers to your questions and find out how Bright Vessel can build the online store you want. We talk details with your in-house team. Then we break down everything: tasks, milestones, and costs.
Start Questionnaire
You meet with our team who’ll build your site. We guide you through our design process and we request any assets we require from you. From there we work on a wireframe and then a final design which we won’t build until you are happy with the result.
Our developers start building your site. Once the build is complete our QA team reviews it to make sure the design matches what was approved and the functionality is working as expected. When QA is completed, we let you know so you can verify for yourself that everything is perfect.
Go Live!
You meet with our team who’ll build your site. We guide you through our design process and we request any assets we require from you. From there we work on a wireframe and then a final design which we won’t build until you are happy with the result.
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