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Marketing 2018
Marketing 2018
Marketing 2018

Projected Marketing Changes for 2019

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Planning for the future is more than just a smart decision when it comes to digital marketing. Predictive analysis can be the difference between finding success with digital marketing campaigns and losing revenue. These projected marketing changes for 2019 allows your business to be ahead of the curve, or rather, ahead of your competition. Our projected marketing 2019 guide allows you to foresee marketing changes before they happen.

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Stat - An Emphasis on Facebook Remarketing

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An Emphasis on Facebook Remarketing

For remarketing to be possible, you have to target a website that has an enormous number of viewers. Naturally, social media networks fits this description and Facebook has the highest market share with more than 2 billion monthly active users and more than 1 billion daily active users.

Facebook Remarketing

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This extremely high number of users means Facebook is the holy grail of remarketing platforms. Remarketing allows you to target traffic from your website on Facebook, particularly visitors that did not convert to a lead, sale, or an action such as signing up to your email list. This strategy helps you get in front of your audience on the next website they go to– Facebook. Remarketing will continue to get emphasized in 2019 and it will grow in popularity.

So why is Facebook remarketing important?

  • It's a better way to target visitors
  • You get more out of lost traffic
  • It yields higher conversion rates

Content Marketing Will Be the New SEO

Content marketing has already taken hold on the organic traffic sector. What was once dominated by search engine optimization is now starting to transition into a content heavy focus among digital marketers.

There are numerous benefits to content marketing:

  • Increased traffic from search engines
  • A better brand with genuine authority
  • Opportunities to use content for shares, likes, and exposure
  • A genuine way to gain subscribers to your email list
  • Long-term results that can grow stronger over time

By creating great content that is targeted to your audience, you can share, syndicate, and distribute this content to a global audience. It's a great way to provide value to your users and contribute to your brand.

By following content marketing trends of 2019, you can build a full-fledged campaign that has all the tools to be successful. Content marketing builds your search engine rankings while also growing your website traffic from social media networks.

Content marketing will continue to overtake search engine optimization investments for small businesses in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence Will Become Even More Useful

Artificial intelligence is already starting to make its impact on digital marketing. AI solutions allow customers to navigate the complex e-commerce world while giving marketers access to analyze their data and target them more effectively.

Companies who utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning will see growth in 2019. By better satisfying the ever-evolving needs of their customers, businesses can make the most of their digital investment through AI integrations in marketing.

AI can be used for marketing in several ways:

  • To analyze data for better conversions and results
  • To create automated marketing tools and processes
  • To do comparison and market analysis

Deeper, Content-Enriched Niche Websites

This marketing 2019 guide wouldn't be complete without mentioning the continued favoring of long-form content targeted toward user needs. Your ability to create content-enriched niche websites that address the pain points of your audience and provide valuable content for them to learn from, engage with, and utilize, will affect your success in digital marketing.

Content heavy websites that feature media like videos, webinars, infographics, and other design or audio elements will have the biggest impact.

Create content in different niches using:

  • Articles and traditional blog posts
  • Research-supported, data-heavy content
  • Videos and other visual content
  • Images
  • Infographics

More Live Video

Facebook introduced a unique live video marketing channel that brought the power of live television to social media networks. The Internet gives anyone global publication rights and incredible reach, which has been capitalized on through text-based and video content for years.

However, live video is creating a unique opportunity for businesses and content creators to engage with their audience in real time. It's not new technology, but it is growing incredibly fast and everyone wants their piece of the pie with Facebook Live. People simply love watching live videos. They get approximately three times more views because they are seen as authentic and unscripted.

Why is live video so compelling?

  • It's trusted and recognized as authentic
  • It’s less rehearsed, often unscripted and valued for what it is
  • There's a sense that you're a part of things as they are unfolding

Speed Will Become More Important

Users expect content deliverability to be seamless. With an article, they expect the page to load instantly and that text to be readable with no delay. The same applies to videos, which should load immediately and have no buffering issues during the playback.

Speed is of the essence and it's becoming increasingly important. If your website isn't among the fastest on the Internet, your users will notice. Search engines like Google have even announced that speed is one of their more prominent factors when it comes to ranking websites organically in their search engine.

Social media networks such as Snapchat have capitalized on this speed necessity by implementing immediate sharing options for videos and pictures. More businesses will follow suit with this trend and those that can deliver seamless and fast experiences will have the advantage.

Are you using PHP7 for your WordPress sites? It is clocking 30% faster than PHP 5.6. Read more here.

How to improve page speed:

  • Use Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Choose a 100% SSD storage space web host
  • Use a CPanel host with acceleration features
  • Upgrade to a VPS
  • Utilize caching on your website and reduce image sizes

Better Targeting and Advertising Refinement

Data is an advertiser's best friend. With data, you have an opportunity to analytically approach your advertising campaign and spend money only when it's profitable. Better targeting and marketing refinement will certainly be a part of advertising in 2019.

However, intrusive advertising makes the user feel that their privacy rights are being infringed upon. This means that marketers need to approach better targeting in a way that doesn't overwhelm the user, such as with remarketing.

Intrusive advertising detracts from user experience:

  • pop up ads
  • large banner ads
  • popunders
  • auto-playing voiceovers
  • interruptive display ads

All of these can be very intrusive. Instead, more businesses will focus on increasing the awareness behind the brand and promoting their products without having to push the consumer as a salesman would. Capitalizing on data and using company resources to their fullest potential is how businesses can overcome this issue.


This guide provides projected marketing changes, but that doesn't mean it will be spot on with what's to come. The best way to foresee advancements in the marketing industry is to have an open discussion. What marketing changes do you see coming in 2019?

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