SEO Trends to Watch Out in 2019

The SEO landscape has continued to transform since 2016. Its evolution is pegged on Google’s dependence upon artificial intelligence and the long-awaited Google Penguin. In general, for most SEO practitioners who coped with the changes, 2016 was a fascinating year in the SEO arena. As 2019 approaches, changes in the search behaviors and algorithm updates by Google will be perfect to restructure your winning plan for SEO.

Search engine optimization is a game of being ahead of your competitors. One way to be ahead of your opponents is to learn the changes in the search engines and adjust your web content and SEO strategy before they get an opportunity to catch up. This industry is dynamic; therefore, it is important to be ahead of these revolutions. With the following SEO trends, 2019 will be an interesting year in the SEO industry.

SEO trends

A Rise in Dense Content

Most customers are now tired of reading the same content in different words. Previous marketing efforts were geared toward having bite-sized content, but in the recent past, there has been quite a surge in epic content. A new trend will focus on having much information in a small space and ignoring lengthy pieces that cover a topic comprehensively. Dense content appeals more to readers than redundant fluff.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

An Accelerated Mobile Page is an Open Source Protocol that permits developers to come up with pages having the capacity to load almost instantly on mobile phones. The idea of AMPs is that you can use elementary structural changes to make your website load up 4X faster while using 8X less data. On the upside, Google is already favoring sites that have switched to Accelerated Mobile Pages. The sites have visibility in a carousel as well as a small icon showing their AMP status. Come 2019, increased favoritism for AMPs in search engine results will be rampant. More brands are likely to take advantage of the elevated status.

Personal Branding is Likely to Become a Weapon

If you wish to drive more traffic to your site, build user trust, and secure guest posts, personal branding will be a better option come 2019. However, an incredibly low number of brands have considered this in their search engine optimization efforts. As developed social media platforms such as Facebook continue to refine and focus their algorithms to favor branded posts, more companies will benefit from personal branding in 2019. This will lead to more competition and opportunities, and you need to be watchful.

User Experience Optimization

To some degree, user experience is critical to 2019 SEO trends. Google favors any site that is perfectly optimized for mobile devices and loads quickly. However, in 2019, more emphasis will be put on user experience, particularly for mobile devices. AMPs will be an initial signal for this.

Machine Learning

Machine learning will perhaps change the working of the algorithm. With the release of the Google RankBrain, there is a possibility of algorithm machine learning. Google will begin to release machine learning updates, and this will extend to other areas—for instance, marketing automation and data interpretation.

The Voice Search

Asking Google your question and having the answer back in seconds will be the 2019 SEO trend. Mobile devices will facilitate Google voice search. This stems from the fact that smartphones inhabit a huge number of the pockets of most mobile phone users. Most people are known to use the voice search option whenever their hands are busy.

What Voice Search Means for SEO Cross-Channel Marketing

  • More conversational in nature
  • Composed of complete sentences

2019 SEO trends will also include cross-channel marketing, where you use various channels to promote your product. This is, however, an extension of the multichannel marketing. Its main aim is creating prominent product presence on various devices as well as platforms so that users can purchase easily. However, cross-channel marketing is still in the infancy stage, but its improvement will continue througout 2019.


However, condemning the entire HTTP site may be a little bit harsh. The encryption of HTTP websites isn’t up to what new protocols can handle. This leaves the users exposed to some amount of risk. The risk would cost you several customers.

Digital Assistants and Local Search

Digital assistants—for instance, Cortana, Alexa, Google Home, and Siri—have become common. The aspect of asking a question and getting an answer is an added level of convenience to users. Local searches are created in the moment, and the digital assistants installed on the mobile devices offer instant answers.

It is predicted that several local SEO strategies focused on digital assistants will be unleashed in 20197. Filling out your “Google My Business” will be a good start. Other complex strategies will be focused on using structured data to enhance the usefulness of landing pages to fetch nearby customers to a business location.

Mobile-first Indexing

Google announced the introduction of mobile-first indexing. The change wouldn’t happen in a day, but experiments were launched to make the index mobile-first. Therefore, you are probably using the desktop-first index, but in 2019, prepare for mobile-first indexing. Google has given a window for:


  • Creating compatible mobile format
  • Creating content as well as pages presented the same way for both mobile and desktop formats
  • Creating structured data for mobile versions
  • Restructuring link building

Due to the recent complexity and specificity of searches, keywords are becoming redundant to an entire SEO strategy. In 2019, a shift from these keywords is expected. Long-tail keywords are increasingly being used, considering that they are detailed. Therefore, you’ll find it easy adjusting your web content to fit the new strategy.

However, although counting out keywords isn’t a better option, they still play an important role in making a page a good match to search queries. Whatever you choose, do not forget to build good content as well as links tailored around answering search queries. Matching up your web content with the information users are looking for will increase your ranking in the search engine results.

Site Speed

Do not overlook site speed in favor of user experience and site appearance. They are equally important, but a user staying on your page is less dependent on how it appears and has more to do with the loading speed.

If you want your site to rank higher, these are some SEO trends to guide you through 2019. Keeping an eye on just a few of them will yield better results for your campaigns. Remember, leading a successful business is invaluable.

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