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Categories vs.Tags SEO Best Practices
Why Use Categories vs. Tags with an Emphasis on SEO: Best Practices and Hierarchy Examples
March 7, 2024
Categories are broad labels that group your content into central topics, offering a high-level overview of your website's focus areas. They're like the table of contents in a book, providing a quick glimpse into the main subjects you cover. SEO Benefits of Categories Best Practices for Categories Example of a Category Hierarchy Imagine a cooking […]
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SEO - Search Engine Optimization
A Bright Vessel Guide on the Best SEO Practices to Get Noticed
March 8, 2019
Search Engine Optimization is arguably the cornerstone of Internet marketing. A form of positioning a brand that’s unique to the web, the best SEO practices will make you visible to the right people. But how exactly does SEO marketing work? The crucial first step is to define SEO: it’s the process of enhancing a website, […]
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