Total Burnout Happens, Don’t Ignore it!

Top 5 Things to Combat Burnout:

    1. Acupuncture: I do acupuncture one to two times a week. It helps release pressure and energy that is building up. I know which needles will hurt when I go now because I am aware where the stress is starting to hit my body.
    2. Running on the beach: Wether I am walking or running on the beach, I feel at ease with the world. Instead of remembering the day to day grind of sitting on my computer. I will focus on the morning run that can put me back at ease.
    3. Take a timeout: Sometimes you just need to walk away and change your state. If focusing is getting difficult, you need to realign your energy in the right direction.
  1. Yoga: Stretching and releasing energy especially excessive energy will help balance you. If you require to take a timeout, stretch and do some yoga poses.
  2. Family: My most important step, you cannot forget the one thing that drives you. Make time for family. No job, person or thing is more important.