How to Use Yoast SEO to Write an Awesome Meta Description

We all want Google to rank our websites above our competitors’. The most effective way to make sure that happens is to write an attention-grabbing meta description. While you can spend hours trying to piece the right words together, there are other options that will make writing your next meta description easier than you ever imagined.

Yoast Meta Description

Writing with Yoast

Yoast is your secret weapon when it comes to writing a mind-blowing meta description. The best meta descriptions will let search engines and the reader understand what your web page or posts are about. Typically, a meta description will have a maximum of 320 characters summarizing your page’s content. These meta descriptions show up when they contain a particular phrase or keyword that the user is searching for.

Yoast goes above and beyond when it comes to creating content for SEO. With the Yoast plugin, you are:

  • Able to create a custom title
  • Develop meta keywords for pages, posts, tags, and categories
  • Write a killer meta description

As you develop your meta information, Yoast will show you the snippet preview, allowing you to see how your description will appear in a Google search. What’s more, Yoast can help you get verified authorship with Google for your website.

Google’s Ranking

When preparing your meta description for Google, it’s important to know what will work best. With Google, meta descriptions should be no more than 320 characters, rather than the 160 character limit that used to be the rule. Even with the correct length of words in your meta description, it doesn’t always guarantee that the description will be shown in a search result, That is why it is so crucial for businesses to make every effort to create meta descriptions with keywords that people are actually looking for. Using the right keywords is the best opportunity you have to help your site rank as high as possible.

A poor meta description will ensure that your site doesn’t rank well in search engines. Similarly, your content will not be social media friendly, as people will be less likely to share it. The best meta descriptions are:

  • As short as possible
  • Able to demonstrate your company’s value
  • Make your content sound welcoming
  • Incorporate an offer or call to action
  • Mention popular brands and influential people

Using Yoast

Use Yoast SEO when wording your meta description. As you edit your description, you will see the input options for the meta description, the slug, and the SEO title. As you input the meta description, you will see a bar underneath that turns green when enough information has been added. The bar will remain orange if too little information is written.

Alternatively, if you choose not to write one, Google will come up with one for you. Generally, it will use your first paragraph in your blog post, but it may be another randomly generated description. So remember, while you don’t have to write a meta description, it is a good idea to:

  • spend time creating a well-researched meta description
  • use keywords that people are actually searching for

Without a proper meta description, your content is likely to become just another set of words floating through the Internet. If you are spending time and money on building your website and blog without considering your business’ SEO, then you’re losing out. At Bright Vessel, we understand how important it is to develop a strong content plan. Don’t hesitate to learn how we can help you improve your content marketing strategy. May the Google rankings be ever in your favor.

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