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WooCommerce Email Tutorial by Bright Vessel

Are you stumped on how to set up WooCommerce email notifications? In our WooCommerce tutorial, we will give you the breakdown on how email notifications work in WordPress and the settings used in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce and most email plugins send an email via wp_mail(), which is a core WordPress feature. Often, issues of email-sending and receiving arise, but usually, the problem is not with WooCommerce itself, but rather the web host’s key email feature. Read on to solve everyday problems.

1.1 Receiving orders, but Emails are not sending

If you don’t receive messages from contact forms on your WordPress page, your site may have a problem of misconfiguration. In the shared hosting environment, this is a very prevalent problem that restricts the protocols used to send messages through the hosting server to minimize the incidences. To resolve your issue soon, watch this video


  • Check if orders are pending

If the status of your fresh order is “awaiting,” it means that, so far, there isn’t any sent mail. Awaiting orders are those in which the client has chosen the item, but then either left the payment webpage or the credit card transaction didn’t go through. It depends on the payment gateway in use.


For awaiting orders taking payment through PayPal or any other payment gateway, there will be no update. This may be due to a gateway issue. There isn’t an email problem in this scenario. Now the problem could be with payment gateway.

You can submit a ticket by using this link.


  • PayPal Standards

For PayPal Standards, we have a troubleshooting page.

Visit: https://docs.WooCommerce.com/document/paypal-standard/#section-20

  • Disable all Plugins

Plugins may also return mistakes before modifications to the status happen. You can find the leading causes behind the issue through debugging the plugins, or you can disable plugins except WooCommerce to rule a dispute. Visit:


  • Check Configurations for your Email

Processed Orders should generate an Email.

  • Enable Email

You might have disabled the email notifications. Cross-check whether your email is enabled for the email order notifications.

  • Go to WooCommerce
  • Then Go to settings>Emails
  • Choose the Processing order email template
  • You can also set the email type to a blank text

email configuration

  • Emails are sent but not received
  • Email Plugin Test on your server 

You should start by using a free Check Email plugin test on your WordPress page. This is a fundamental plugin intended to check if you can send messages to your WordPress setup and/or server. Install the wp-login plugin using source https://en-gb.WordPress.org/plugins/wp-mail-logging/. Now it will let you check what is being sent by keeping a log of all going emails. Once installed,

  • Press “Check Email” in your WordPress dashboard under the tools menu.
  • To submit a test, enter an email address and click on “Send email test.”
  • Now visit admin dashboard and then click on WP mail log

admin dashboard > WP Mail Log

  • Check email and error reports generated through your test order

If the test was successful, then the screen will look like this

server plugin test

1.2 Now, after finding out the email has been sent but not received: some more process needs to be carried out for resolution.

  • Ensure that you have an email address linked to your domain address in WooCommerce Email settings. Your @yahoo.com, @gmail.com, or similar public domain email addresses will probably cause spam email because of the discrepancies between the declared sender (Yahoo or Gmail servers) and your actual server.
  • Register for a dedicated SMTP provider account (an average site is generally free to use) to send your email. This is more reliable than the mail-sending feature of your server.

2. How to resolve plugin conflicts?

In case the email has not been forwarded, this may show a plugin conflict that blocks the sending, for instance, erring before it is produced. Now you can figure out the cause through a plugin forum or any other mean else you can disable the plugin and rule out a dispute.


What is the SMTP supplier devoted to? Is a Gmail account similar to SMTP?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a transfer protocol that provides services in sending/receiving emails that are similar to WebHost. User has to create an account. The main difference is their server is used to send messages, whereas WebHost is for hosting websites. One of the most famous SMTP is Gmail, which provides services in sending and receiving emails quickly, efficiently, and secretly.

3. Can I use Gmail as a supplier for my SMTP?

Gmail has certain limitations in sending messages. Gmail only allows 500 emails to a unique ID in 24 hours. Otherwise, the user’s ID will be disabled.

Visit https://support.google.com/mail/answer/22839?hl=en

4. Recommended SMTP Providers

Most websites have devoted SMTP providers. They have proprietor plugins that come with straightforward installation through the dashboard of WordPress. These plugins assist you in getting started.

  • SendGrid Plugin (it has the capacity of sending 12,000 free emails monthly)

Visit: https://sendgrid.com/

  • Mail Grid Plugin (it has the capacity of sending 10,000 free emails monthly)

Visit: https://www.mailgun.com

  • SparkPost Plugin (it has the capacity of sending 10,000 free emails monthly)

Visit: https://www.sparkpost.com

  • Mandrill Plugin

As a paid add-on from Mailchimp. Up to 25,000 emails cost $10/month. In the Mandrill Dashboard, emails are monitored and marked for statistics and can be used with Mail chimp.

How does email work?

Emails works like anything is moving from one point to another. Emails travel very quickly between the servers, and they are being filtered out at every step. Google describes this process at https://sustainability.google/

5. How does email work with WordPress?

Email plugins use core WordPress feature wp_mail() to send the emails, and WooCommerce also uses the same feature.

Visit: https://developer.WordPress.org/reference/functions/wp_mail/

email in wordpress

6. Do WordPress or WooCommerce send my email?

No, neither WordPress nor WooCommerce sends mail. As told above, they use the primary function to send emails. WordPress is not an email service provider. Another language allows sending emails by coding PHP.

7. Using SMTP email service instead of the hosting server to send WordPress email.

The wp_mail() feature re-routes the email from PHP to your SMTP supplier by using a plugin that is accessible to the SMTP supplier and the Post SMTP plug-in. The SMTP supplier will receive the application and add an email to the queue.


8. How come the email is not in my spam folder when spam filters block emails?

Email gets filtered out at different steps, and the last one is spam. If an Email is in spam, it’s neither sent nor received.

9. My email contact form works, so why messages from WooCommerce are blocked?

  • The spam filter checks all the sender’s information. It checks the original IP address, sending user and domain, email wording, amount of mail the IP / sender has sent. It even checks how many times messages from that sender became spam.
  • The most commonly reported factor is the origin of your email, which reduces your overall spam score. Even small wording and formatting differences can be flagged as spam and not sent in WooCommerce emails.

10. Can I send purchased downloadable files as attachments in the Order Completed and Invoice emails?

Yes! You can send your purchased downloadable files by adding given below snippet to the end of your theme’s functions.php file:

code snippet

11.  Resource


If you have a specialized server for sending messages, check and monitor the reputation of your website IP address for this action. You can also use this for hosting environments shared and virtual, but it is better to get a dedicated SMTP provider

Also, visit



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