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WooCommerce vs. Magento: Which E-Commerce Platform Should You Choose?

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When it comes to e-commerce, two of the most leading platforms that are available in the market today are WooCommerce and Magento. A lot of people argue that both the platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, and are suitable for different needs. One is a standalone product, which is owned by eBay, whereas the other is a WordPress plugin.

Are you ready to set up an online business, and are confused about both the platforms, then read on:


First of all, let’s focus on the similarities since both the platforms are open source products that have original code and are freely available to everyone. People can quickly build or modify it to create a product that works for them. The reason both the platforms have large communities due to the open source software that has an appreciation of sharing. So far you know two things and they are that these platforms are free to use and that you will have help from the community.


Both the platforms make money from enhancements that people need to grow their business. For example, if you want to enhance your Magento or Woocommerce website, then you will have to buy additional plugins for Woocommerce or extensions for Magento.  Both platforms have many enhancements and Magento even has a premium enterprise version of the site.

What we find different with Woocommerce is that they have of certified enhancements that they support vs. Magento, which has more third-party enhancements that you have to deal with many different developers so the code might not mesh together well.


Setting Up

Starting up any business is not easy. If you want to add an e-commerce element and are a WordPress user, then go for WooCommerce. It is even great for a beginner as it is easy to use, and customizing any website with its help is simple.

Magento is a more complex system to work in and does not have the ease or usability of the WordPress CMS, and Woocommerce combo can offer.

In other words, you need to be more of in expert to run and build a Magento site.


Initially, both the platforms were free, and a user could download them and get started. However, you will see that some things have payment options like bookings, which may be necessary if you want to expand your business. In general, if you're selling a product they both can get the job down out of the box.


Adding extensions will be necessary as your business because you would want to give your customers a great shopping experience. You should know that Magento developers are harder to look for than WordPress developers, which is why you need to install the extension/plugin carefully and understand with each new extension/plugin install there will be ongoing updates, security risks, and vulnerabilities you will need to manage.

Woocommerce has many different extensions just like Magento. The difference is they seem to have a much closer relationship with the developers who sell their extensions and certify the ones that work best.


When it comes to features, Magento is very robust, as you can use advanced filters, compare products, add discount codes, cross-sell, and up-sell your products. However, Woocommerce is simpler, and it is recommended for people who are getting started, as you can quickly rate the products, sell items and feature the best sellers. The navigation is also decent, but it is not as great as Magneto’s because you can only filter by one attribute.


Both the platforms have several themes that you can choose from. They have features like responsive layouts that you can download, and import to your site.

Magento front-end file structure is very complex compared to WordPress and WooCommerce.


In the end, you should know that Magento is more popular with large businesses that have agencies that manage their websites, whereas WordPress and WooCommerce is great for companies and people who are looking for an easy to use and intuitive platform that you can expand on with less headache.

Our Pick

We have fallen in love with Woocommerce and WordPress. We feel the two platforms fit very well together, and the support team at Woocommerce is excellent.

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