Woocommerce Vs Shopify

WooCommerce vs. Shopify

Woocommerce vs. Shopify can be an easy choice for most people. There are tons of businesses who want to stage a successful website. An excellent website is supposed to take the business to the next level. The website is meant to meet the needs of the users uniquely with other marketing strategies cannot.

When developing a website, it is difficult to choose between plug-ins like WooCommerce and Shopify. When comparing the websites, you are most likely going to think about which is more innovative, flexible, etc. Here is a comparison between the two platforms.

Two main differences:

Shopify Logo

Shopify you are vendor locked-in. Meaning: you can leave your site if you stop paying them.

Woocommerce Logo

Woocommerce you will have more upfront costs in getting the site developed, but it is yours to customize and build to your liking.

Shopify Design

Design – Shopify

Shopify’s themes are the star of the platform. They have eleven varying templates, and every one of them is mobile responsive, with coloring options too. All of the options have a sleek and clean aesthetic that makes it suitable for modern websites. Shopify’s designs are all crafted in-house then they are outsourced to check if they are engaging enough for a modern website.

The user experience is great too; you can quickly change styles and color themes as you please as you keep making updates to your business website.

Woocommerce Design

Design – WooCommerce

Like so many aspects that you see in WooCommerce, aesthetics is a bonus that you will find here. All that is needed from you is the time that you can put in. WooCommerce is a plug- in made by the Developers of WordPress, WooThemes. The good idea is to buy a theme that is associated with them. The Plug-in can be integrated with any WP theme that you want to make WooCommerce much more than just a simple Shopify site.

Shopify Pricing

The Pricing – Shopify

Shopify has a lot more conventional structure of pricing. It happens to be a sliding scale of packages that give the users lots of different features. The Starter costs you $14, Basic costs you $29, Professional is priced at $79, and Unlimited is for $179. So over time, this can make a dent in operational expenses.

As far as hosting is concerned Shopify already has this taken care of. It comes with different features and issues like hosting and payment processes are sorted just as you sign up.

WooCommerce - excelling eCommerce

The Pricing – WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open source plug-in that you can add to your site free of cost. That being said, to get the best out of this plug-in you need various extensions. Some of these extensions will be free but the ones that you do pay for, you can easily choose to pay for only the features that you will use. The rest, you can choose to uninstall, and no payment would be due to. Apart from this, another Thing That WooCommerce needs payment for is hosting.    

SEO – Shopify

Shopify is always going to be a part of blog effectiveness; there is no shame in the way this helps to present content. It works on basic SEO practices like the meta- information, and you can cite the copy with ease. As long as your business is making quality blogs, there is no reason that would hinder high user engagement and user engagement.    

SEO – WooCommerce

WordPress is first and foremost a platform for content creation. It is renowned by many SEO experts and happens to be a reliable option. This is because it is easy to add or edit content with this, just so that your page has a better ranking option.

Assistance with Selling- Shopify

Shopify gets you a lot of free options and even lets you download free apps that will:

  • Print orders
  • Note down product variations
  • Make use of CSV files to import the products.
  • Sell on social media like Facebook
  • Change shipping options
  • Include reviews
  • Give you cart recovery processes
  • Provide gift cards
  • Make discount codes

Apart from these important ones, there are plenty of other features that can be installed from the Shopify App Store.

Assistance with Selling – WooCommerce

WordPress is open source software and is well known for letting third-party developers make trendy extensions on the site. They have taken this up a notch recently by offering tons of exciting and interesting additions. Forget the basics that Shopify focuses on, WooCommerce allows you to grow the way you want to and build a plan that is right for you and your business. You might want to edit aesthetics and ramp up marketing techniques with no boundaries. With WooCommerce you can integrate with almost any tool which allows you to focus on what matters not how to fits in a closed source system. If you need help, contact us.