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Digital marketing and Wordpress image example with pen and screen showing.
Digital marketing and Wordpress image example with pen and screen showing.
Digital marketing and Wordpress image example with pen and screen showing.

WordPress and the Benefits in Digital Marketing

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I’m repeatedly asked whether or not it is beneficial to utilize WordPress as a CMS or content management system. This, unfortunately, depends upon what type of goals are in place and what functionality will be required to support them.

With that being said, for the majority of organizations and businesses we work with, WordPress is the best choice for CMS. The functionality extends to fit the needs the majority of our client's encounter. WordPress also has a vast community of develops consistently building plugins for just about anything imaginable.

During 2015, digital marketing plans for organizations need a CMS that is simple to operate and will not bog down objectives for marketing and content. With that in mind, WordPress is optimal for digital marketing for the following reasons:

Marketing Content:

A proven digital marketing strategy is content marketing. Content is produced by organizations that audiences find useful and, it is then utilized on their websites. They use their websites to promote and share content via social channels.

When targeted phrases and keywords are utilized within the content, content marketing will also drive visibility through search engines. Your target audience, in turn, will then see value in your website. Backlinks are then built when this value is found as a result, through mentions and social shares.

WordPress works ideally for content marketing as a CMS. This platform began as a tool for blogging, so content marketing is at its core. Over the years, it has been refined over and over again to edit and create content for websites.

Portals for Websites

There are some plugins available through WordPress that allow users to manage their needs. Users can manage their website members, offer to schedule for various events, make payments arrangements, sell their merchandise, and much more. Businesses of all sizes benefit from these options because it allows them to create a brand with ease.

Because these plugins offer solid strategies for digital marketing, companies can quickly turn their websites into community portals. This, in turn, allows clients, members, and other too obtain information quickly.

Building a Community

Now that you have the strategies and functionality mentioned above, your website has become a powerful network community of members, clients, or target audience members. At this point, you have the power to create a marketing hub where social channels can spawn from.

The hub is created as your network community begins discussing and sharing your events, content, and merchandise that is currently on your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization occurs when your website, as well as the links leading to it, are optimized based on what Google finds valuable due to key phrases and keywords. Using WordPress, SEO can be significantly improved by doing the following:

  • Utilize the Yoast plugin to test the strength of SEO on specific pages.
  • Rankings are improved because WordPress will eliminate content bottlenecking, which means updates occur more often.
  • You can expand upon editors for content in-house when WordPress is in use.

Turning Leads Into Sales

When using WordPress, you can focus on conversion – this is turning leads into sales. You can track shares, visits, comments and so on. This tracking allows you to expand upon content that is working and get rid of content that isn’t. Your calls to action can also be tracked to determine which are working, which need to be tweaked a bit, and which need to be eliminated all-together.

Other CMS Systems vs. WordPress

There are a wide variety of other options available. It’s a good idea to conduct thorough research before making your final decision.

With that in mind, as mentioned already, WordPress has still been the best option. Even though other CMS option has very similar platforms, there are still some differences:

Pricing: there is no license for WordPress because it is open source. There is typically a monthly fee associated with a proprietary system. Also, the pool of WordPress developers available is large. High competition means high pricing, but the cost isn’t always everything. Many developers also mean users will not be left in the dust should developers vanish.

Portable: WordPress’s open sourcing is built upon a platform of MySQL and PHP that is widely supported. Therefore, its hosting can occur most anywhere. Additionally, there are no tricky user agreements tying users up that they can’t get out of later on.

Flexible: You can find just about any functionality you need due to the plethora of plugins available.

Longevity: Updates to the latest CMS is typically a headache for other platforms. However, for WordPress, it usually occurs with only the press of a button.

Marketing Agility

A lot of information has been covered here. During 2015, it is going to be incredibly important to be agile. Marketing agility means that your team is using their time to perform marketing tasks. This type of marketing occurs outside of their scheduled time.

With agile marketing, the time between an idea and implementing that idea can at times be a matter of seconds. This is when your CMS becomes the superhero of your content.

It is important to discuss initiatives for content marketing, as well as proper implementation for them. If there is any lag at all, competition could close in. Always assume they have the same CMS you do because, chances are, the majority of them do.

Resource to Try:

Here is an educational website made for web beginners where we’ve included in-depth online guides together with downloadable PDF’s, WordPress video tutorials and web development resources to help newbies establish their online identity.You can check it out for yourself here:

Do you need help managing your WordPress website? Check out our WordPress Website Management service.

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