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Properly Posting to LinkedIn Groups

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There are a number of opportunities provided through LinkedIn with regards to building your presence professionally online. Additionally, there is an even greater chance to create new relationships through joining groups on LinkedIn, where you are able to expand upon your network more upon your interests, niche markets and interests. How to achieve these goals without coming of as too promotional, though?

Utilize LinkedIn Groups to Build Trust and Credibility

Before thinking about the promotion of your own content, your first priority should be how this information is valuable to members of LinkedIn. Additionally, do not forget about the manager of the group. It’s important to build a relationship with the manager of the group so they trust you. That way, your posts are well-received, you are able to generate discussions, and achieve engagement.

Posting from Profile Status Updates Into Groups is Bad

There is no guarantee that discussion areas will receive updates when LinkedIn members use the “share” feature from their status to post into LinkedIn Groups, according to LinkedIn. Therefore, this practice is no longer recommended and should be avoided. Group managers are making every attempt to manage the large volume of spam posts that infiltrate their groups, and this is one of the tactics LinkedIn is utilizing to help.

Manually Post Into LinkedIn Groups

For those who truly want to make their mark as a thought leader, they should post directly into discussion groups themselves. When including a link, ensure that this information is truly adding some value toward initiating questions or discussions within the group. It is also important to ensure the group manager to view your post as solely self-promotional, or else it will become flagged. Those who are smart marketers will be able to make posts where people will not realize that they are being marketed to within the group. This means, essentially, your LinkedIn Group post must be relevant and helpful to the members.

Use Dialogue to Creatively Engage Group Members

To add value to the discussion you’ve posted, consider adding dialogue. When posts have ten comments or more, they are less likely to be removed by the group manager. In fact, if discussion posts receive nice and complimentary posts within a group, a manager might never consider moving the post. Therefore, you should keep your best discussion posts for posting in LinkedIn Groups so they will engage this type of response and be less likely to be flagged or moved.

Be Strategic With Your LinkedIn Group Posts

In addition to choosing your best posts for LinkedIn Groups so they are less likely to be flagged or moved, you also have to be selective and strategic with your posts. That way, you are not simply just posting a few comments with a link when posting into a discussion group. It’s a good idea to really think about what you are posting, like a mini blog post within a discussion, ensuring there is centralized theme each time.

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