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Running on E: How We Recharge and Get Motivated.

The holiday season is past us.  Yet it seems that more people are simply running on ‘E’ at this time of the year.  It’s time to recharge and get ready to tackle this year head on.  Here’s a list of advice that has been given to me in order to help recharge:

Clean up your space

It’s painful to admit, but my father was right.  Cleaning out your desk and working from a clean space really helps you focus on the what’s going on and not be as distracted.  The whole process of cleaning too felt like a refuel for my week.

Stay Hydrated

I never realized how little water I drank.  My uncle used to say that he always drank water; after all, there’s water in soda, some fruits are mostly water, and there’s water in beer.  Apparently the simple way to figure out how much water you need is to divide your weight in pounds, and drink that many ounces.  I just never realized how much water that represented.  But since I’ve striving to get close to that number, I feel less like I am running on fumes.

Make a list

It does sound like something that everyone tells you to do to be more productive, doesn’t it? Make a list.  But what I found out is that it doesn’t help me to increase my productivity, but rather it helps me not lose focus of what I should be doing.

And focus on what your weaknesses actually are.  For me, doing these items above helped me deal with how I end up when I am stretched a bit too thin.  What do you do when you are running on E?