3 Mind Blowing Projects from Google

From webpages, to images and video, Google has been the leading innovator in delivering information in various formats. The company continues to reinvent and advance their brand through astounding technological developments. Here are some mind blowing projects Google is currently working on. Check out these 3 Mind Blowing Projects from Google.


Artificial Intelligence – DeepMind

First off, artificial intelligence involves the creation of computer systems that are able to perform human related tasks. Earlier in 2014, Google acquired DeepMind, a London based company that was started by Demis Hasssabis an intelligence researcher and neuroscientist, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman.

Reportedly, Google purchased this relatively new company for $500 million dollars. For half a billion dollars, what made this company so special?

While DeepMind has yet to develop any commercial products, they are a huge asset to Google because of their renowned experts who are talented at making computer systems that closely mimics human function. What makes DeepMind unique is that their machines are formed with learned algorithms and with the ability to think like humans.

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Google Glass

The anticipated Google Glass was made available to consumers this year. Google glass is a piece of wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display that allows the user to receive phone calls and text messages. Google glass also enables user to take photos, record videos, and deliver search results. Its worn right over the eyes and the user can view and hear information in real time right in front of their eyes. Updated versions of the product are under development.


Google Smart Lens

Earlier this year, Google announced its plan to release Google Smart Lens. Much like the Google Glass, Google Smart contact lenses would be enable users to experience the web and use other apps but instead of wearing an optical device, the lens would be placed right in the eye.

Google Smart Lens would also have health benefits. Google partnered with Novartis, one of the leading pharmaceutical company. With the help of this pharmaceutical company Google Smart Lens would be able to help alleviate the struggles of diabetics who need to constantly monitor their glucose levels. This would be possible through the tear fluid. Google Smart Len may even be able to assist the blind, by detecting and capturing faces to help them see faces.

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Google Space Race

Google is sponsoring the biggest international contest ever called the Google Lunar Xprize with the company XPrive who’s known for giving innovation a push by creating competitions that encourages advancement. The project began back in 2007, The competition is comprised of eighteen teams of scientist all competing to create a robot that can successfully be launched into space and reach the moon. The robot will feature high definition video recording that will be able to viewed by those still on earth. The winning team will receive $30 million dollars as a reward.

Yes, independent scientists from all around the world will have a once and a lifetime opportunity to put the first non-government funded robotic instrument on the moon.

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