The best examples of WordPress websites using the Enfold theme

14 Bright Examples of Websites Using Enfold Theme 2021

Hands down, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Over 455 million websites around the world use this CMS for all kinds of content. You’ll find everything from blogs to artistic showcases to, of course, great WooCommerce websites. At Bright Vessel, we’ve specialized in building great custom websites for a wide variety of clients. We work tirelessly to improve our methods, providing the best service for each client’s specific needs. And, with all that in mind, we’ve collected our 14 WordPress and WooCommerce clients with Enfold sites to showcase the kind of all-encompassing customized work we always do.

Whether you’re building a new site from the ground up or want to update your old one to the best current practices, a WordPress website takes time and effort. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to design, copy, and usability. The best thing you can do for your brand is focusing on what you do best (providing the best products and services) and leave website development to professionals. At Bright Vessel, we know WordPress. Our creative team of developers, designers, copywriters, and marketing experts focuses on crafting the best sites for our clients’ needs.

Our job is to build, manage, promote, and educate our clients on being successful online. Website development is a crucial part of a brand’s online presence, and we’re here to guide our clients through that process. As a plus, Bright Vessel is a WooCommerce Certified Expert, which means we can create the customized eCommerce solution your company needs. Our team knows its way around every WordPress and WooCommerce nuance and works tirelessly towards developing each page of every website. We have designed, developed, customized, managed, and rebuilt thousands of websites for all kinds of clients.

The Enfold Theme by Kriesi is one of the most popular in the WordPress arena, and it’s easy to see why. This user experience-focused theme is not just great to look at, but it’s also easy to set up, modify, and customize to each brand’s desire. The Bright Vessel expert theme built the websites below using Enfold, and you can see the fantastic results for yourself. Bright Vessel built each of these 14 sites, and they were all later featured in the WooCommerce showcase spotlight.



Coral Springs-based RestoreZ is a brand that specializes in all-natural sleep supplements based on Circadian Rhythm science. The circadian rhythm is a natural process that occurs in all living things, a sort of internal clock; it regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. This scientific concept has gained traction in the past few years. The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine revolved around the studies of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm in fruit flies. However, it’s not yet universally known.

In this context, RestoreZ required a great WooCommerce site that allowed them to put their products forward and a platform for science education. With that in mind, Bright Vessel designed and easy-to-navigate website that, besides a blog, had a quickly accessible Learn page. It serves as an introduction to the science behind the product. The design is built in a calming palette in white and blue hues as it’s a health-related brand. For a more thorough approach to their specific WooCommerce needs, we also added a section for new users to see which RestoreZ product best suits them depending on their needs.



Turkey Merck creates fantastic Custom Art Mugs from the best stoneware and ceramic glazes. As a handcrafted product, it’s inherently exclusive, with designs customers will not find anywhere else. Profoundly realistic, these mugs are a treat to fans of horror, with designs based on monsters and characters from spooky pop culture.

The website Bright Vessel designed for Turkey Merck catered precisely to those needs. The custom site in a dark and “scary” palette heavily showcased the products, focusing on the unique design. The store is easy to navigate, and fans and clients also have an impossible-to-miss newsletter to keep updated on new models and sales. Access to social media pages is right on the menu bar, as is everything customers need to know about both the mugs and the company.



EmPower Generators has over 20 years of experience offering generators for South Florida. They’re in the business of selling, designing, installing, and servicing generators for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Clients can choose a myriad of US-made models using natural gas, liquid propane, and even diesel-fueled generators. In short, they’re the best in their business.

The EmPower website needed some updating, and they came to us. It is a well-respected company that offers necessary products and services, and its website now reflects that. Easy access to all their products and services, a straightforward design, and information about brands they work with all made for a perfect solution.


Award-winning Alyona Nickelsen has delved into the colored pencil technique for quite some time, and she decided to teach her craft to a new audience. With that perspective, she wrote the “Colored Pencil Painting Bible” and later decided to also share her favorite materials with the world. With a book and colored pencil painting materials to sell, Brush and Pencil came to life – as did a need for a great website.

Bright Vessel created an artistic site for Alyona that allowed her to showcase her art, impart her hard-earned knowledge and sell her book, creations, and materials. As a result, the website is an artist’s delight, focusing on creating and artistic how-to’s. The Brush and Pencil website is also inclusive, with an accessibility widget to fix contrast, highlight links, make the text bigger, improve text spacing, pause animations, and even a dyslexia-friendly feature. The perfect mix for anyone to hop into the world of colored pencil painting.



Key West is known for a few things:

  • Being the southernmost bit of the continental US
  • Being home to Nobel Peace Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway
  • Being the key lime pie’s birthplace

Of course, it is the place to find the best Key Lime Juice – Nellie & Joe’s family recipe. Nellie & Joe’s Famous Key West Lime Juice has been a favorite of chefs and connoisseurs for over 50 years. The brand deserved a website that matched its fame and unique, traditional product.

Bright Vessel built such a site. The web design is as fresh as its products, easily showcasing its store, story, recipes using their products, and retailers where customers can find them. Nellie & Joe’s website feels like a cold drink on a hot summer’s day, with lime as the main protagonist.



Coastal Day Spa, located in Jupiter, Florida, is a place to relax and let go of everyday life’s noise. They offer various treatments dedicated to wellbeing, including different types of massages, spa packages, and body wraps. They also have a myriad of beauty treatments like facials, peels, waxing, and tinting. Coastal Day Spa is a spot for calm, and Bright Vessel built a website that revolved around it.

Another site with an accessibility widget for Coastal Massage was that all visitors feel welcome. The attractive design in earth tones is the first step towards a world of relaxation. All current promos are easily accessible from their home page, where you can also see the most recent posts on their blog, all revolving around massages and therapies. WordPress is excellent not just to showcase physical products but also to give visitors a glimpse of a brand and its services.



Chris Brecher has nearly 40 years of trading experience. In the beginning, he was a floor trader on the CBOE in the early 80s, changing along with the world with the Internet’s arrival. Chris has also developed a passion for training and educating others on his profession. Through Brecher Trading, he doesn’t just advise people on trading, choosing instead o create a subscription service for it.

The Bright Vessel team’s knowledge of WooCommerce allowed them to create a web design that suited Chris’s brand and allowed him to manage his specific service type. On the site, visitors can find two membership levels with different perks, and they’re all managed straight from WooCommerce.



The Divine, Blalock, Martin, and Sellari LLC (DBMS) firm traces its origins to one of the first licensed public accountants in Florida, Wilbur F. Divine, III. The tradition has stood throughout the generations, through very professional work. They now offer a wide variety of services for all sorts of clients, from non-profit organizations to support in family law. This CPA firm’s goal is clear: their clients should make or save far more money than they invest in their services.

DBMS required a way to showcase its services and history and a platform that allowed current clients to pay on its company site. The website includes a login page where clients can fill in all their data through a customized form, including client ID, zip code, and more. Clients can then pay on the platform through a variety of mediums.



Edwards Air has over 30 years of experience in HVAC maintenance and installation services. Their technicians are certified to work on the industry’s top brands, with theoretical knowledge and the expertise to back their work. Besides heavy work on installations to last a long time, they also provide emergency services seven days a week.

With that kind of profile, Edwards Air required a website that made it easy for clients to contact them at short notice. As such, phone numbers are prominently displayed on every page. There’s also an interactive “Request a Callback” button where potential clients can choose between receiving a call later on or leaving a message. Their services are also easy to see on every page, for new and old clients to know what they’ll get from them.



The Entertainer is a luxury motor chart certified by the US Coast Guard to receive up to 40 guests. Setting the standard for Florida yacht charter events provides a full range of options, from sit-down dinners to full bars. It’s the best place to hold events with Naples Bay’s best views, enjoying the scenery during business meetings, wedding rehearsals, and anything in between.

Entertainer Charters’ product is a unique experience with incredible views, so a website heavy on landscape photos was essential. The site takes visitors around the charter’s different locations and services, prominently featuring testimonials from satisfied guests. You can also book a trip, submitting a form directly on the website.


John Francis

John Francis is one of the most renowned celebrity hairstylists in Hollywood, with a keen eye for upcoming trends in style and color. His hairdressing work has appeared in some of the world’s most famous publications, like Rolling Stone Magazine and Maxim. John styles some of the most famous people in show business, including actresses like Emily Blunt and Shailene Woodley.

Imagery is essential in a hair stylist’s business, and Bright Vessel crafted a website that engaged visitors with John Francis’ work. With a vast gallery showcasing some of his best work and easy links to his Instagram page, it’s a healthy look for John’s brand.



Lighthouse Health Group is a team of mental health professionals dedicated to providing warm and welcoming care for their patients. The staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors, and family nurses for a full range of services. Besides traditional therapy, they also offer psycholegal and forensic assistance, plus great new treatments like spravato, medical marijuana, and TMS.

The Lighthouse team takes pride in providing an all-encompassing, modern practice, and that’s what the website reflects. Patients can find all the relevant information about treatments and services in a calm layout, with an accessibility widget for an even more inclusive online practice. Patients can also pay directly online and have all forms of communication readily available on every page (social media accounts and phones) in case of an emergency.



If it’s got a screen, Praetas sells it, repairs it, installs it, configures it, and trains customers to use it. Praetas is a made-up word, and that’s the idea: it reflects the company’s focus on creating and building from scratch or different existing elements. Praetas was born in 2003, but co-owner Joe Conway has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Every technician in the company is certified, checked for background, insured, and ready to do the best work in residential support, business, and in-shop support, plus any special projects.

The Praetas website shows every service they provide, with specialized forms for heavily customized jobs, such as clients designing their custom laptops. There’s also a Reviews section full of feedback from new and longtime customers satisfied with the company’s very professional service.



Palm Beach-based Altima is the go-to relations and concierge firm for luxury brands and individuals across the globe. They have a strong presence in some of the most exclusive environments, such as the Caribou Club in the Aspen Food and Wine and Gstaad Palace Hotel during the Monaco Grand Prix. They also serve private homes and clubs in cities as varied as Geneva, Washington DC, New York City, London, and Marbella. Their exclusive services revolve around luxury affinity marketing, showcase opportunities, traditional public relations, and even private relations.

Altima often manages sensitive information for high-end companies and people. Showing both their image and their commitment is crucial for them. Besides finding information about their services, their site also allows access to their newsletter and contact forms to get directly in touch with the label. As Altima so strongly believes: it’s about who you know.

At Bright Vessel, we’re experts in building and managing the best WordPress and WooCommerce sites to fulfill each of our particular clients’ needs. Contact us to find out more about our plans and how we can best create the perfect website for your business.

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