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Multiplying Your WooCommerce Site Conversions

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While nearly every e-commerce marketer believes that traffic to a WooCommerce site is the holy grail, it takes more than site views to be productive and profitable. The truth is that you could likely do very well with the traffic that you already have, *if* you were able to convert browsers to buyers. You probably invest time, energy, and perhaps even dollars into search engine optimization to bring people to your site. It's time that you devote some of the same efforts into optimizing your conversion rate to turn a profit from that traffic. Here are nine ways to multiply your WooCommerce site conversions

Clean up your filters

As your site grows and your inventory grows, the faceted menus and drop-down options also grow. While it might feel intuitive to give your shoppers as many choices as possible, it is harder for people to make decisions when there is an overwhelming number of options. Menus that are too big will effectively paralyze your audience, and they will click away in search of something that feels easier and more comfortable. Collapse your filters, narrow down the choices, and help your users focus on making decisions and, therefore, purchases.

Here are two WooCommerce plugins you can try out:


YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

WooCommerce Product Filter

Don't "let" users leave the checkout page

Once a user has items in his or cart, lead that user to complete the purchase. As stated above, having too many choices available can result in a person making no decision at all. Remove the menu and navigation buttons from the checkout page so that the user feels directed to complete the purchase instead of being tempted to wander away from his or her cart.

This can be done by creating a custom template for the checkout page or by using quick CSS. If your building from scratch, we recommend using the Enfold theme.

They have built this theme in a way that you have a page builder, and you can hide the header and footer on any page.

Make buying easy with your buy buttons

The Buy Now or Add To Cart button should be prominent on each product page across all browsers, devices, and interfaces, even if the user is scrolling on a small screen. Ensure that the purchase button is always in the frame so that a shopper can make a purchase with a single click or tap and doesn't have to scroll up or down to make it happen. The color is also critically important and may not necessarily have to follow your brand colors. It can be in some cases its color.

In a study by Joe Hallock, men and women were found to favor different colors as follows:

Product images are important

Professional imagery support your brand quality. Mismatch images or images of poor quality can hurt your sales. If you are selling clothes or cosmetics, implement a model so that the user can "try on" your product. Show your shoppers exactly how they will benefit from buying what you're selling by demonstrating how it works, additional angels, and if you have variations make sure you display each one.

Here is a WooCommerce plugin that can help with product variations.

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

Catch them on the way out

You may already be using an exit pop-up (and if you aren't, you should be!) But you'll find that you get better results if you add a call to action or other compelling material to that pop-up. Re-engage your customer and bring him or her back to your WooCommerce site to make or complete a purchase.

Popup Maker

We love Popup Maker

The base plugin is Free, but you will need to purchase the extension.

Highlight customer reviews

E-commerce revolves around the theory of social proof, which shows that people like to do what other people like to do. If your clients are pleased with your product or service, make sure that their reviews are featured prominently on your WooCommerce site. Their words will sell your stuff better than almost any marketing copy. Also, once you have a few positive reviews, people will want to jump on the bandwagon and add their voices.

Try WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

With this plugin, you can make even easier for a user to give a review and provide additional information.

Personalize the experience whenever possible

Referrals can generate a lot of qualified leads, and if you depend on them as many sites do, greet your new visitors with a personalized welcome bar or pop-up that references their referral source.

The Popup Maker will also cover this item.

Quality-check your WooCommerce website

Then do it again. Make sure that there are absolutely no dead-ends that could cause a shopper to leave in search of a WooCommerce site that works as it is intended to. Check every bit of the process, especially the crucial cart and checkout buttons, on a wide range of browsers and devices to ensure that no customer will be left hanging when he or she is ready to purchase and pay.

We like the WPMU suite for clients.


WPMU Snapshot Pro

WPMU Smush Pro

Offer shopping options

Of course, most people who are on your WooCommerce site will do their buying on that site. But it never hurts to offer additional channels such as shops on Etsy, Ebay, or Amazon if you have those.

Here are some options you could use:

WP-Lister for Amazon, the premium version will let you synchronize sales and create orders from your Amazon account. You will get priority updates and instant support. The price is $149.

WP-Lister Pro for eBay You can sync your the product inventory between your store and the eBay account. You can create an order when an item is sold on eBay. Some useful features include uploading product images to eBay, importing products from eBay, split variations, advanced eBay options, etc. Try the Pro plugin for $149.

Or you can use a service like Veeqo -

Their mission is to simplify the shopping process; They provide easy solutions for integrating your WooCommerce store with Amazon and eBay. They make it so you can easily keep track and sync the products in your WooCommerce store and the Amazon and or eBay accounts.

Video Sells

Lastly, one of the most important items you should be thinking about is a video of your product. It has been tested and solidified that having a video will allow your to convert more than eight times then just having a picture. The world is changing and video and content about your brand will be the last measure that will turn the tide in your conversion.

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