Local Business Web Design

Local Business Web Design: 4 Key Strategies

One rule of thumb designers tend to go by is, if a website is over two years of age, its design is probably in need of work. It probably sounds silly, but the technology was far different two years ago with regards to website technology. Responsive websites weren’t available allowing brands to translate to any device seamlessly couldn’t occur. Designers weren’t using fun visuals such as parallax scrolling or other astronomical imaging. Here are some strategies for local business web design.

1: Create a bold, clear home page experience

When visitors land on your home page for the first time, it is important to impress quickly them and inform them immediately regarding what you do or what product you are selling. Providing large and bold imagery tells visitors immediately that your local business is one that is reputable, cares about your brand and your service. Visitors should be able to scan the home page quickly to determine what your business provides. They should be able to have a full understanding or your product or service and be impressed with your style of branding.

2: Every page should contain a critical call to immediate action

When you visit your favorite local business website, think about what their calls to action are. Look at what their branding images are, too. Their calls to action could be as straightforward as joining their mailing list, following them on social media, and calling them to make an appointment or reservation. The point of this exercise is to go to your favorite local businesses websites and examine their calls to action so you can mirror this type of strategy on your site.

3: Website Navigation that is clear

Every fundamental question should be answered on your site. Where are you located?  How can I reach you? What services are you providing or products are you selling? Who are you? Why should I do business with you? Once these questions are answered, it’s time to dig in deeper by providing even more information about your offerings, updates (a blog), and news (events, schedules, etc.). This should all be presented in a clear, navigable manner.

4: Keep Content Updated for SEO giving visitors reasons to return

Local businesses must create sites that more than just a splash page appearing like a brochure. It’s important to build long-term relationships with your customers and give them reasons to surf on your site for more information. Develop content your visitors will find engaging and worth coming back over and over again to read. While some find the words “tweet” and “blog” have a negative connotation to them, others believe this practice should have been occurring within local businesses since 2014. Not only does it create a secure engagement, it improves SEO.

To Sum it Up:

Well, there you have it – Local Business Web Design: 4 Key Strategies. A lot more goes into the creation of a marketing-enabled website that is effective and will deliver results.