WooCommerce Local Pickup Tutorial

WooCommerce Local Pickup – Shipping Method – Tutorial

In WooCommerce, Local Pickup is an option in which your customer can pick up their order themselves from your shop. To set up and configure Local Pickup, follow the steps given below:

WooCommerce Local Pickup

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping
  2. On your Shipping page, you will see a button Add Shipping Zone, click on it
WooCommerce Add Shipping Zone
3. On this page, click on Add Shipping Method
Woocommerce Add Shipping Method
4. A new popup window will appear, choose Local Pickup from the drop-down menu and click on Add Shipping Method
5. Now you can see Local Pickup in shipping methods table. Now click on the text link and a new popup window will appear
Woocommerce Local Pickup in shipping methods
6. In this window, you can now change the Title of your shipping method. This title will be visible to your customers on the checkout page
Title of your shipping method
7. Select Tax Status, select Taxable if taxable, otherwise select None
Woocommerce Tax Status
8. If there is any extra cost for this shipping method, enter that Cost in the given option as shown below
Woocommerce extra cost

Now you can Save Changes and your customers would be able to see the Local Pickup option while they checkout from your store.

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