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Designing with Data in Mind

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When you are working on content marketing and designing your advertising campaigns, you often have your frame of mind focused on getting that customer and sale. However, it goes far beyond a single transaction. While a deal is great, building a long customer relationship is even better. The more you know your customers, the more you can get in-depth with these customer-business relationships. It has proven to be effective at not only maintaining a steady stream of business but helping with long-term networking as well. To do this, you will be relying on the data within your content that works in your favor.

Look Past the Obvious

Sure, you know your primary target market is women in their 30s, but do you know these customers? Have you looked at analytics and discovered where they go on the Internet, who they talk to, what social media networks they are involved in? Even beyond this is more data that can be used for content they are interested in, such as their preferred length and format of articles or blog posts, the time of day they use the Internet, and the type of advice they are using for content. This is what you want to do when just looking past the obvious, necessary information about your customers or readers.

A great social tool you can try out:

Building Personal Relationships

With any business, you want to go beyond that first interaction and build long-lasting relationships. You know that it serves you both on a high level. It provides you with a long-term customer, one who will tell their friends and a relationship where you can network efficiently. Did you know that data can help you do that? You aren’t just talking about their age, income, and Internet activity, but what they like and dislike, and what draws their attention. This is what you are hoping to achieve when you begin collecting the right data.

Google Demographics can help with identifying your user base.

You can track Google Goals which can identify the age, location, and gender of the lead. See our post: Why Google Analytics is Mandatory for Developing Your Business for more details.

Things to Know About Customer Data

So what exactly is customer data and where does it come from? There are a few things that can provide more information on this subject. First of all, all of the customer data is already at your fingertips. You own it, gathered in real-time from social media, app activity, and CRM. Just because you didn’t know it was there, doesn’t mean it isn’t. You just need to look in the right place. You should also learn about contextual data because this is extremely relevant data. It allows you to provide the right content based on data about your customer’s hopes, dreams, behaviors, and goals. Most of this data is acquired through interactions. Lastly, data is integrated, where you can put it all together and provide the best content for your customers.

Now that you know the importance of in-depth data, you can use that to your benefit. Begin collecting customer data anywhere you can and use it to form future content. Whether that is information on your website, social media activity, or researched blog posts, it is a great stepping stone.

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