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The Debate

The current debate as it stands concerning SEO and content marketing is that they are oil and water.  The content marketing crowd tends to be a purist bunch and anytime things like “key words” are mentioned they fly into a tantrum rivaling that of any four years old.  Their argument is not lost.  Search the internet, and you can certainly find your fair share of spun content and article wrote around keywords solely for advertising.

The two were never designed to compete.  They were intended to complement each other.  SEO by its definition only works well with the great content.  The key is knowing how to pair the two together, so you get great results instead of just another article.  Following are some tips regarding SEO and content integration.  You might find that there are a few things about SEO and content marketing that you did not realize.

 Re framing the Picture

Break up your content into parts.  You have the information to be presented, the presentation factor (how you package and present your information), and SEO.  SEO is just one part of the whole.  It is one piece of the pie.  Understanding that can go a long way towards creating good content that works.  Otherwise, if you have great content that is not optimized for SEO, you might not get the traffic you desire.  This makes SEO an essential part of the whole.

A great SEO optimized content article that is well placed can generate exponentially more traffic than an article with just good content.  The job of your site is to “get you noticed.”  Tuning up your content via SEO is the right vehicle for that.

 Parts of SEO that Matter

There are still parts of SEO that are essential to the process.  Use of the proper key words, for instance, is one of those aspects.  For your content to not come off as something that was built for SEO, choose key words that are relevant to your industry and adequately convey what you are your brand is about.  The when you use those key words in your content articles, the integration will appear to be much more seamless than if you just chose generic or broad descriptive terms.

Consider these items:

Meta Tags
– Title tags
– Description tags

Categorization of your post structure
– Main Categories = Categories
– Sub Categories = Tags (Make a purpose don’t just create any tag. Have a standard naming scheme.)

The results of that twenty-second tag could generate another year’s worth of traffic to your site.

Think about that and you are thinking about SEO correctly.  SEO is a long term strategy.  Once you get the slow burn of traffic moving in your direction due to your optimized content, the results will be long lasting.  As a result, it is worth a little bit of extra time to pay attention to things that might make a difference.  This is one of those instances when you put in the work up front, and you get a long term pay off.  Thinking about SEO that way does not make it compete with content marketing at all; it makes it vital to the process.

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